New Build. Maybe something to upgrade the RideRiptide that i bought

Hi guys!

I’m really regretting that i bought the riptide r1. Before i started reading this forum, I was looking for an entry esk8 that can perform good while being cheap. Then I stumbled upon the riptide. The marketing was so good that I caved in without properly studying about esk8. Now that i have read a lot, i’m now really regretting that i bought it. I could’ve done gotten something better for a tad bit more on the pricey side. Well atleast i got it for 399 so i guess its not that much of a loss.

Since i really like the deck, i dont know why but i really liked how it looked and how portable it was compared to the other decks, im thinking about transferring the parts to another deck and putting some descent parts to the riptide deck.

I want something that can go atleast 25mph or a little bit higher. i dont need too much range, an 8 mile range is good for me, i just want a little kick. i won’t be climbing any hills, just roads.

And since i already burned $399, I guess going dual motor setup is for a later upgrade again i suppose. These are the parts that i pieced together

Caliber ii trucks Single 6374 190kv Torqueboards Motor Torqueboards Mount Enertion FOCBOX Miami Electric Switch BuildkitBoard Mini Remote Meepoboard 1.5 Battery (samsung) and charger

And as for the enclosures, i’m thinking to make one out of fiber glass. Also, i think ill be keeping the wheels and the wheel pulley. the wheel pulley is 35t and im thinking of going 16/35 for my gearing.

Also, are the meepo batteries ok? i like how theyre cheaper than and i guess reliable because of all the meepoboard reviews. and i like how easy i could charge them. the hassle of charging lipos are kinda a pain. you have to an enclosure where it is easy for you to take the battery out. plus all the other stuff you have to buy when going with lipos. But if you guys think its not good, then maybe ill just change to lipos.

Thanks for your feedback!

This is going to be a solid single drive board, and personally I wouldn’t cheap out on the battery. It will be reliable but no where near the range or amp output you need.

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You could always go with some lipos as they tend to be cheaper and are still good batteries if used and maintained correctly.

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I’d keep all the stuff and just upgrade to dual focboxes/Vescs. The cheap double escs and their remotes just plain suck. I come from the vesc and tried several of those Chinese-sandbox retail boards and the delay and throttle on them is just plain bad…

keep all the stuff, mby upgrade the 18650 in there. Get dual focboxs and ABEC11(If you don’t have the Elite).

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So the meepo battery wont cut it?

But the battery is kinda weak. A 6s3p with just 8c continous charge

Nah, get a good 30Q pack that’s atleast 10s3p


Damn, i need to save up more

You said a better board. Look at some of the board build threads. Spending a little extra money will be worth it in the long run. 30q batteries are well worth it.

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Ok noted, maybe ill get those from chiba batteries

is a 12s3p battery good for the build? im a 200lb guy, will it cause big problems to the single focbox and motor?

Yes that will be great

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Did you end up upgrading your r1? Thinking about doing a bit to improve mine while I build my other board.