New build question. recommendation needed

Hi everyone

I’m working on my first belt drive build, at the moment i have enough molicel p42s to build my self a solid 18s4p, and i know i wanna use Landyachtz Evo deck, im also looking to use RKP trucks and either 120mm cloud wheels or 6 inch pneumatics. now my question is what esc/vesc do you guys recommend that can take ALOT of disscharge on a huge battery and not heat up too much. also what belt motors give me the best perfomance? is there any battery cover that fit the evo deck best? pully suggestions ? the goal is to build a beast that hit the 40mph+ with ease and not too much wobble. thank you

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I can give you some suggest of motor, 63100 motor is enough to Go up 40MPH, and actually I never saw an 18S4P battery, Want to see your beast !