New build Questions (ELECTRONICS)

So after learing a whole lot of shit after my first build im looking into doing a new and improved version, ditching the crappy hoppy escs and lipo batteries but moving to a VESC set up along side a custom 18650 pack. Im re using my turnigy sk3 213kv. Im wondering what a good option would be battery wise, Im thinking 10s 2p with a bms, but what kind cells?. any if any one knows a good way to source Vescs in Australia at a responsible price new or even used.

I am currently selling VESCs from ollin, fully working. Pm me if interested. Shipping to Australia is around 5€ with tracking.

Regards Martin.

EDIT: I don’t know a source for Australia but check out they ship worldwide. I am very satisfied with 30Q cells I got from them. I was doing research and contacted Samsung, they confirmed that nkon is selling their genuine cells.

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Hey @Chris_KP

Not sure about the custom 18650 pack, but it might be worth looking into vandaelectronics for vescs.

Let me know how you go :slight_smile:

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If I were you I’d go with 10s4p to avoid voltage sag.

I can recommend Samsung 30q’s or 25r’s, or LG HG2’s. They would be your best options I’d imagine.

Use my tool to compare them and price up your actual pack…