New Build To Save Up For. Need Some Help

Seems like we got a good community. Ill take a look at the may tech 6374’s and im also looking at the TB 6374’s.

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Good place to ask questions

Fyi I’ve gotten a lot of help from this community so I try to give back the little knowledge I’ve retained when I get in. Lol

Can’t find the thread but there is one for the nick nacks that are good to have in your shop.

Thanks! I appreciate all the help I get from everyone and it great that I get virtually instantaneous responses.

Tb is a great community vendor. @torqueboards is the owner and o here often to answer questions and solve problems

I just happen to be You won’t always get handouts most of time people just tell you to use the search function.

Sweet. Im probably going to go with those motors.

yeah if your starting completely from scratch and have little to no tools. add atleast $300-400 for tools and hardware. speaking from experience. :joy::joy:


Haha good to know.

I got a bit. Soldering iron, tool sets ect. Probably gonna need more though.

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DONT use cheap allen/hex wrenches. Buy quality. You’ll hate yourself if stip a motor bult doing regularly tuning

Will do. I think im in the market for a new set anyway

Found it

these are the sk8 6374’s from turnigy. They JUST fit on the tb218 trucks ( @dareno 's build.) new%20build%20018 Personally I prefer the FatBoy 230mm trucks for better space between mounts, pulleys and motors c7139c1200b6d96a53949fcaad1aa7454503a920_1_667x500 Screenshot_20181223-204809_Chrome received_350070232489037

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Also @hyperIon1 did a large group order of sealed and non Sealed 6374 maytechs. He got a few extras i believe. Lower than normal price. Might be worth asking what he has.

The price on these drop to $35 pretty often. Highly recommend. Best wrenches I’ve ever had.

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Perfect, ill pick up a set if a sale pops up. Also ill get in touch with @hyperIon1 to talk about the 6374’s. Thanks for all the help thats all from me for tonight.

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I do. Yes for the 39

You don’t happen to make one for the 36 do you? Im struggling to find the 39 anywhere!

No, but I’m going to make one for the longer old evo when I get time. @Eboosted makes one for the little evo and I’m pretty sure @psychotiller will have something in his vast armoury that will fit.