New Build To Save Up For. Need Some Help

Alright guys, finally gonna start working on a diy but I need some help with parts. Heres what I have so far (with prices in USD)

Deck: Landyachtz Evo Falcon (165)

Enclosure: eBoosted evo enclosure (125)

Battery: Psychotiller 12s4p flat pack (450)

ESC: Focbox Unity (243)

Motors: (Not sure yet. Would like to run either 6355’s or 6374’s. Also not sure which is compatible with the trucks to run dual)

Trucks: Caliber II’s 10 inch (50) OR TorqueBoards 218mm Truck (to run 6374’s)

Motor Mounts and Pulleys: Mounts probably the boardnamics 63mm Cal 2 mounts (15). (Still open to suggestions. Also not sure what pulleys and belts to get or what could work for the wheels I’ve chose)

Wheels: Orangutang caguama (65)

Remote: Hopefully the Maytech evolve r2 copy if the price is brought down. 175 is steep. Also maybe the firefly remote or the feather remote thats been floating around if I can get someone to make it. (Open to suggestions but not a fan of the RC car style remotes)

Also how would you reccomend I mount it to the deck?

Current total price is gonna be +/- 2 grand. Yeesh thats difficult to fathom.

Im only in the starting stages of this build but im gonna start saving up. I would really appreciate any help you guys can give me regarding things I will need that aren’t listed and the parts im not sure of yet. I love this hobby and I really wanna make something great so im excited to see how this goes!

Thanks for any help guys. I appreciate it all!


get @Boardnamics mounts. best ones out there. pretty cheap aswell.

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Damn quick response! Thanks for the advice ill look into them!

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Look for Tb 218 trucks and you can run dual 6374. You’ll enjoy the extra power.

Alright ill take a look. Thanks for the help!

Alot of little things add up too. Shrink wrap, hardware, possibly new bushings and pivot cuts (recommend getting your trucks dialed in if you’re going 12s) TOOLS Get quality wrenches (i like wera hex plus, worth every penny) Velcro for mounting things in enclosure, electric silicone , gasket for enclosure, soldering iron… I know im forgetting things lol.

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Yeesh thats a lot. Questions though. Why shrink wrap? What would I use it for? And excuse the newbie question but what do you mean by getting them dialed in? Nonetheless, thanks for the help!

@bigben have you got enclosures for the evo.?

Stock bushings are okay… But getting the correct duros for your weight and ride style really change the quality of the ride. Especially at 12s speeds/acceleration.

Heat shrink for your Connectors between motor, esc, battery

Lots of stuff you can order early cheap from China, just gotta wait on shipping.

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Ah I understand now. Definitely will do so when the time comes. Pretty far off however haha. Not sure if you would know the answer to this but what range/top speed could one expect from a setup like this? Even a rough guess would work. Thanks again for all the help :smile:

Since you’re not making your own battery some of this stuff isn’t completely necessary but some of it is.

Depends on your weight right style and Terrain (hills?) I hear a lot of guys say they expect about 5 miles per p group. 10s will get you better range. You could do 10s5 rather than 12s4 (roughly same amount of cells) And its arguably more reliable and less likely to burn up your vesc. That being said i still went 12s first build soooo. Who am i to talk.

so if im not going for insane speeds (max out in the top end of 20s-low 30s) but I do want good speed, go with a 10s5p?

You can still get plenty good speed on 10s. Definitely hit 30mph. Just gotta set up your gears and wheels right (and motor kv) You can save a lot by keeping an eye out for group buys and people’s used parts from when they’ve upgraded too. But… buy cheap. But twice. Be sure to research each part you buy. And then when you think you’re sure research one more time just to be sure. My first purchase was motors for $250 (pair) that i later bought again for $160 (pair) And then later replace with much better motors for $180…

Thats something ill need to come back for. How to set up my focbox when the time comes. Which motors would you recommend. I was told I can get a pair of 6374s on the TB trucks.

Yes and no. Not all 6374 are the same length actually… motor_6374_sealed_1 jpg_350x350 Both 6374 but ones longer because of the nipple.

Im a maytech fanboy atm. Love thier motors.

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you can use this to calculate speed, range, and much more

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So you recommend maytechs for this? Also I hate to bug you with all these questions I just have a lot of them.

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Thats sweet. Wish I knew how to use it but its sweet. Ill get the hang of it one day

Bookmark things you wanna come back to. Trust me. Im still a noob myself. Only one build under my belt and im still clueless 70% of the time lol. Good community tho.

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