The goal of this topic is to list out know parts for easy access and making sure your aware of what is known to the community to be a legitimate option for use on your electric skateboard build. Some parts are better than others, price is usually a good indication of quality (but not always). Below are parts gathered from users selling on this forum, and some third party.


  • Enertion’s R-Spec II 6355 190kv
  • Enertion’s R-Spec II 6372 190kv
  • DIY’s 6355 230kv
  • DIY’s 5065 170kv
  • DIY’s 6374 230kv
  • Psycotiller’s 5065 270kv sensored
  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6364 213kv (and all 260kv or less)
  • Turnigy G160 (limited to 10s - optional choice, highly recommend SK3 if you can get it)
  • NTM Prop Drive 5060 270Kv (and all similar low kv NTM Prop Drive)
  • Tacon Big Foot 160 5335 245kv
  • Tacon Big Foot 110 5325 295kv
  • Maytech Motors MTO6365‐2xx‐G 10mm shaft (and all 270kv or less)
  • NTM Prop Drive 5060 270Kv motor

Motor Mounts

  • Enertion’s Motor Mount (Only for Caliber II Trucks / D Shaped hanger)
  • Psycotiller’s O.G Motor Mount
  • Alien Drive Systems Motor Mount
  • DIY’s Welded Motor Mount
  • DIY’s Bolt on Motor Mount


  • Enertion’s 12mm 265t Belt
  • Enertion’s 9mm 265t Belt
  • DIY’s 9mm 265t Belt
  • RS Components 9mm x 255mm HTD 5M belt

Motor Pulley

  • Enertion’s 12mm 15t Pulley
  • Enertion’s 9mm 13t Pulley
  • Enertion’s 9mm 14t Pulley
  • Enertion’s 9mm 15t Pulley
  • DIY’s 9mm/15mm 12t Pulley
  • DIY’s 9mm/15mm 14t Pulley
  • DIY’s 9mm/15mm 16t Pulley

Drive Hub

  • Enertion’s 12mm 36t Drive Hub
  • Enertion’s 9mm 36t Drive Hub
  • DIY’s 44t (ABEC)
  • DIY’s 9mm 36t Drive Hub (ABEC)
  • DIY’s 9mm 36t Drive Hub (Kegel)

Hub Motors

  • Carvon Dual Hub Motors
  • Carvon Single Hub Motor
  • Hummie’s in-wheel Hub Motor
  • Jacobbloy’s Hub Motor


  • Caliber II Trucks
  • Paris Trucks
  • DIY’s trucks (Caliber Clones)
  • Enertion’s trucks (Caliber Clones)

Wheels (Recommended to get plastic spoked wheels above 80mm)

  • ABEC11 90mm Fly Wheels
  • ABEC11 97mm Fly Wheels
  • ABEC11 107mm Fly Wheels
  • Kegel 80mm Wheels
  • Enterion’s 83mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
  • DIY’s 83mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
  • DIY’s 90mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
  • Seismic Speed Vents 85mm Wheels
  • XT Wheelz Off Road Wheels

Wheels (pneumatic/hubs)

  • Skikie 125mm Wheels
  • MBS Rockstar Pro Hubs
  • Psychotiller’s Billet Hubs


  • DIY’s Long Board Bearings
  • Enertion’s ABEC 9 Bearings
  • Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings (by far the more expensive, but least friction and longest life)
  • Bones Super Swiss
  • Bones Reds / Bones Super Reds (cheap and cost effective)
  • Bones Super Reds Ceramic


  • Psycotiller’s Winning Mini Thumb Stick Controller
  • Psycotiller’s Trigger Mini Controller
  • Enertion’s Thumb Stick Controller
  • DIY’s Trigger Mini Controller
  • Hobbyking’s G2TB Controller
  • Nyko Kama Wii Nunchuck Controller


  • Enertion Carbon Fiber Deck
  • Long Haired Boy’s deck (without enclosure)


  • DIY’s ABS Enclosure
  • DIY’s Aluminum Enclosure
  • Psycotiller’s Custom Enclosure
  • Psycotiller’s 405 22"/24" Enclosure
  • Psycotiller’s 19.5" Split Sym Enclosure
  • Psycotiller’s Flagship Enclosure
  • Psycotiller’s 25" Monolith Low Pro Enclosure
  • Enertion’s Space Cell Enclosure
  • RunPlayBack’s Sulaco v1 Enclosure
  • Aliendrive ABS Enclosure

Batteries (pre-assembled)

  • Enertion’s SPACE cell 10s3p lion Battery
  • Enertion’s SPACE cell pro 10s3p lion Battery
  • Enertion’s SPACE cell pro 10s4p lion Battery
  • DIY’s 10s3p lion Battery
  • DIY’s 12s3p lion Battery
  • Zippy 6s 8000 mAh lipo

Batteries (single cell)

  • LG HE2 18650 Lion Cell
  • LG HE4 18650 Lion Cell
  • LG HG2 18650 Lion Cell
  • SAMSUNG 18650 25R Lion Cell
  • A123 26650 LiFePO4 Cell

Electronic Speed Controllers

  • VESC 50a 12s
  • DIY’s 120a 12s
  • FVT 120a 6s
  • FVT 180a 6s
  • Psycotiller’s The Sleeping Lion “Winchester” 120a 12s
  • Castle Mamba Monster2 6s
  • Castle XL2 8s
  • Hobywing EzRun MAX8 6s
  • Hobywing EzRun MAX5 200a 8s
  • Hobywing EzRun MAX6 160a 8s
  • Hobbywing XeRun XR8 Plus 6s

Please post more stuff to add to this list. It is way too much for me to research on my own, so any items that should be added to this list, please post them below and I will add them so the community has this resource


Sk3 series 260kv and below

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Enclosure - diy abs enclosure psycotillers custom enclosure

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also diys aluminum enclosure

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Great idea. Now all we need is a 3d configuratorinator! Don’t forget seismic speedvents 85mm, and xt wheelz. Also, castle escs and hobby wing escs are still great choices for boards. probably still the most reliable too!

I was thinking just that. I don’t know about a fancy one, but I could make a smaller builder tool that would make it easier to build a board virtually before actually buying parts. Part of this goal is to get a good list of parts so that I can make a data base of parts, to do just that :smile:


This is the list that needs pinned to the top of the forum.


I agree with @psychotiller about the castle esc’s- they should definitely be added, and if they weren’t limited to 8s I’d be using them instead of the VESC right now.


I have a couple of vesc’s too, but the fact is castle and hobbywing pull way more amps at 6s and 8s without overheating and blowing chips like wannabe players in Vegas.


The battery section is difficult. Theres 100’s of batteries out there that would work, just depends whats in stock pretty much… Maybe a typically capacity range like 5000-8000mah?

Great list @evoheyax! Let’s add Abec Flywheels 107mm. We could also add some of the pneumatic wheels to the mix (skike 5 inch wheels, MBS Rockstars, and @psychotiller’s hubs). In the bearings section, how about Bones Reds?

Sounds good, I’ll be adding everything listed so far to the list very soon.

@minimorris77 Thats true, And I thought about that before. But What I’m mostly going to focus on are tried and tested batteries. I do want to weed out bad stuff (and certain batteries or even brands are not good). So that will be something that I’ll think about (and I’m open to feed back about)

There are a few more things from Enertion: Space Cell Pro4 and Pro3 Enertion Space Cell enclosure

Another motor: Tacon 110

What about 18650s? LG HE2, LG HE4, LG HG2, SAMSUNG 25R, SONY VTC (I think these are discontinued though. I think @onloop had a thread about suitable 18650s.

Ahh, good idea. I’m think a separate category for single cells and a separate for packs. This is meant to be a tool mostly for newbs, and I don’t think many newbs will or even should build their own packs unless they have a lot of rc/electronic building experience. But I do want this to be something everyone in the community, newb or not, can use to help with their builds.

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Any particular models? Looking to make the list specific as possible :slight_smile:

Great job on this list amazing idea

very good idea, it’s great to see members turning into contributors!

added it to this topic which is pinned

Thank you @onloop, this is the process. I think rather than saying everyone is too lazy to search, and we keep seeing the same questions over and over again, create a resource to point them all to, so we’re not explaining the same thing over and over again.