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New Caliber® trucks for ESK8 community

i think other shops are probably also want to buy these extended calibers, maybe even “normal” Skateshops, so i guess the most likely route will be without build in clamps. just my opinion, i could be dead wrong.

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i am psyched for this. finally an option to tb218 for people who don’t need 6374+


hehe, I’m glad you’re excited :slight_smile:

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Is the hanger the same length? Just longer axles

yes, because for that they won’t need a new mould :slight_smile:

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you guys seem to forget that as soon as you have such a long axle you can use a sleeve instead of a clamp to hold your motor mount: problem solved. Somebody just has to do the design work and have them made.


do you have a picture of that?

whats a sleeve? never heard of it

Just check this out - it might give you an idea of what I mean:

Or this

I designed something similar for my inner gear drive for 6inch pneumatics. Basically the “clamp” part is a sleeve with a hole for the axle. The wheel will push it against the hanger and the rectangular shape of the hanger keeps it from moving around.


Yeah, I also designed somethink like that a while ago :slight_smile:


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Yup - see easy as that. Personally I would do a two part design though so that the angle can be adjusted.


yeah that wasn’t a good design haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Also make sure that the pulley fits either around the sleeve or can sit flush on the outside. I am not sure what type of design the axle length allows but using a sleeve should make for a bullet proof mount that does not go anywhere even under heavy vibrations.

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So would this extended axle mean running evolve all terrain wheels is possible?

mmh how wide is the rim, the axle part, not the acutal rim? no info on their page, those tires are 5cm wide, if so probably very tight.

Well I know they fit on TB 218s so if the axle is the same they should fit on these I guess

I think the main take away from this is that Caliber see revenue in the esk8 community. If anyone from Caliber reads this, show some faith and just make what we need. This hobby is rocketing in popularity and these builders have deep pockets and can’t stop tinkering. First board paves the way to the second “perfect board”, which paves the way to the new “perfect board” and so on and so on…

Invest in us, see what happens.


well the tb218 have 47mm axles and those seem to have the same axles so i guess yes

just happy that we finally have something like that outside the US.

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