New Caliber® trucks for ESK8 community

Hey guys

I have been talking with the guys of the Caliber Truck Co. to make a truck especially for the diy esk8 community.

They are interested but because opening a new mould is very expensive I proposed to start with the caliber trucks as we know them but with longer axles in them (like the TB trucks).

This would make dual 6355 sensored with 15mm wheels pulleys with bearing possible on a caliber truck! :slight_smile:

They sent me this picture: image

They ofcourse need “big” quantity to do this, this is why I would like to do this poll, to see if their is some interest :slight_smile:

  • Yes, I’m interested in a pair!
  • No

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Grtz Frederic


Doesn’t torqueboards already offer them for sale?


no, they have their own truck with their own mount :slight_smile:

If we’re making a custom truck for esk8, i’d like to have the mount built/cast in. Kind of like on the Evolve trucks.



wouldnt that make adjustability rly hard?

the “clamp” built in the trucks and the part where the motor attaches to would be made so you can put it on a desired angle

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Yes that’s what I wanted them to make but they would need a very big order for that :slight_smile:


I think buit in clamps would be great. What do they mean with “big order”? 500 trucks?

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yes something like that :smiley:

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and how many without clamps build in?

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About 150, but I can take the ones we come short :slight_smile:


do have a price range in mind?

I think it will about the same as a regular pair of caliber trucks :slight_smile:


that sound rly awesome. i mean most people have a mount for a caliber truck or they already have a build in solution right? dunno how much the people are into the build in version.

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I think the mount in truck version can be quite useful because it eliminates that extra clamp in a motormount kit and you dont have to bolt in on the truck. The one thing that can be a bit more difficult is the placement of the built in clamp, because how much space do you need to fit the motormount, pulley and wheel?

Awesome idea!

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Well that’s just some prototyping and testing :slight_smile: But I think 500pcs is a bit much for now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk if 500 is a bit too much, probably yes haha

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and you cant sell to normal longboarder, well you can but meh, they probably are not rly into it. meaning the build in version.

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yeah, but if this first version get popular I think they might open a new mould with clamp in the hanger :slight_smile:

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For cast, you need to spend money in a mould. For small quantitative i think it is better cnc made.