New charging soulution

For a while I’ve been thinking about getting a better charging solution for my board, for a year I’ve been using the cheapest charger I could find (IMAX B6 copy) , but it’s too much of a hassle to charge it every time. I heard about BMS and thought I’d ask here what are the parts needed for a full BMS system, and how does it work? will it be simpler to charge when I get home instead of taking the entire board apart and taking out the batteries? currently using two 8000mAh 3s batteries in series, would maybe get another 3s in the future. Any help appreciated.

Yes, the you only need to plug in one charger in a charger port. There are two design options. The first is the cheapest: BMS only for charging - it does not control voltage and currents while using the board (discharge). Second option is to use a BMS that controls both charge and discharge. Usually more expensive as the BMS needs to kope with more amps. Do a little searching in the forum and you will find answers.

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Alright, but how is the bms connected to the actual system? and what other parts are needed? ill try to look in the forums and see if i find anything

Try find more. Here’s tens of threads about BMS’s

This is an example. The DieBie MS is an open source BMS for charging and discharging.

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