New chat plugin version is broken


After this new Discourse 1.9 and new chat plugin version, but there are many bugs like then you post to chat you need to refresh. You don’t see changes until you reload the page. CSS errors that chat is overlapped and other stuff. Maybe it’s possible to downgrade to the older version?

42 AM

At least the chat is bigger than 6 by 7 pixels in the new version and the enlarge button actually works.

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Chat should be working now, i have now forced messages to be deleted after 7 days. should not reach limit now

Is it not functioning with mobile devices? Tried to write a short test but doesn’t apply

Seems to be working for me

I see only the two test messages from onloop. If I tip and sent I get stuck in the chat and even can’t come back to the main site​:thinking:maybe a iPhone problem :see_no_evil:

Your right my test msg is still thinking lol


Not just an iPhone problem, on Android my message just has the loading icon spinning and my message is grey.

That’s exactly my problem too

yup, seems broke, i need to update it