New chinese 83mm Hub motors

I searched aliexpress for an ESC programming card and checked hobbytech’s store.
They seem to have a new version of their hub motor online:

95kv and can be put on any truck and is hold in place via a small grub screw.

Price seems pretty good at 140€ including DHL shipping to Europe. However @Hummie has probably even cheaper ones and @jacobbloy includes trucks and wheels.

I like the look of the connectors^^

is this the price for 4 wheels? 2 hubs 2 front wheels?

Are these different from these :

I bought my remote here, works perfectly for 40 euro’s free shipping ! no import duty!

ah different KV , i didn’t notice

I think it is just one motor and a spare wheel (so for one truck).
They seem to have an older version of hub motors (the one that you linked) and now this new design.
No idea how good the new ones are…

Looks promising if i can mount these on my caliber II trucks, would def think about this

looks like it could be an alright motor. but at USD$155 for 1 motor it is definitely not a cheap alternative.

Motors that look good, maybe have cool color shrink wrap, can’t compare with the ingredients Jacob and I are selling. This thing says 1500watts and people often take it at face value, similar with all the advertised motor specs out there. I very much so doubt this motor could do 1500 watts for even one second. You could put 1500 into it sure and just get a magnetically saturated stator with a lot of heat and a fraction of that wattage out. Continuous power… way worse.
Electrically as a motor they exaggerate like crazy and to be expected, but mechanically…who knows how it’s made and of what. Any guarantee? I guess I’m salty because I’m giving away motors with components way better than these have( willing to bet on that) and for almost the manufacturing cost, and with a gaurentee, and something like this comes around with a pile of polished bull

You should fit yours with multicolor / rainbow shrink wrap if that exists^^

these look like TorqueBoards hub motors.

When you consider an $80 motor and a $120 mount/pulieys/belts = $200, $155 is pretty cheap IMO