New Circular Truck Motor Mount $40 SHIPPED - PICTURES!

Hey guys, ive been working on this for a little while now (you can see my sketches are all MK6 :slight_smile: ) and I think I have finished or have come very close to finishing the design. I will 3d print everything tomorrow as a test fit, if all goes well I will mill two out of alu 7075 (one for me and one for @psychotiller) once testing is done maybe I’ll do something like a group buy depending on interest.

Thanks for reading!


The 3D print went well. Hopefully getting some alu tomorrow, watch out @psychotiller :wink:


Well… I attached everything BUT, the motor mount holes were off by a few mm, I realized the clamp won’t work in aluminum so I’ve decided to completely redesign the entire thing…



The round clamp might not be sufficient to keep the mount from rotating about the hangar

But maybe I’m wrong

The clamp is to keep it from sliding on the axle, the two set screws are what keeps it from rotating

  • I’d be interested in one
  • I’d be interested in two
  • I’d be interested in three or more

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Cost would be somewhere in the ballpark of $30-$45 per mount including hardware (and maybe a belt) Just a survey to see if there would even be any interest in something like this, obviously I will build one and post some videos and pics and send one to @psychotiller so you all know I’m not lying

I would be selling through an adult on here since kids like me have a bad rep thanks to @Alextech… Edit: I just accidentally voted on my own poll :joy:


You might be better off waterjetting this part

It’d be pretty tough to make on a manual mill. Would need CNC

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CNC is what will be used

This mount would work with a bunch of trucks I’m guessing, an expanded compatibility list would draw some more attention.

Once I get one working prototype and some money to buy caliber trucks or whatever truck you would want it for I’ll definitely work on making clamps for different trucks :wink:

I’m up to no good :smiling_imp:

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That 3D print went incredibly well. Everything fits perfectly. I will get some aluminum and make a test so you all can see a finalish product


Glad to see all the interest in this :joy:

UPDATE: I will be getting my alu tomorrow but won’t be able to mill until Monday, I will definitely post some pics once it is mounted, GET HYPPPPPPPPPEEEE!!!

The problem you’ll have is that when you clamp down on the clamp itself, you’re moving where those three screw holes are by sometimes a significant amount. Then, when you try to bolt/screw the actual mount to it, the holes won’t line up.

What you need is to make those holes (in the mount plate) a little oversized or oval, to compensate for the movement whilst being clamped.

Also, and I’ve said this so many times, milling ‘teeth’ to the inside of the clamp will help it stay in place when clamped to a round truck.


I’ve thought about all those things, I do like the extended holes idea though. As for the teeth, I think your referring to the things on the Hobbyking motor mounts, the two knurled stock screws should be enough. Also the clamp shouldn’t be tight enough to move the holes out of alignment

That’s my point, you could do away with the set screws if you had teeth and the clamp was really tight…

Maybe I’ll try both ways to see which one holds better, the clamp isn’t to keep the mount from rotating though.

But it could be… and it could be the only thing you need if you do it that way… :smiley:

This is what I mean…