(New) CUSTOM BUILT LACROIX (not factory built) SOLD (USA ONLY)

Hey Guys, After a long discussion with Benjamin about the direction we would like to go in with the business we have decided to sell all our test boards or CUSTOM builds and start a line of eMTB boards built around the MBS line of decks and some of a similar style. The LACROIX is a great board for the high-end builder or rider it’s just not something we can work with on any scale other than to ride or to build batteries for customers (custom). We will continue to build batteries for all boards and feel that we need to have demos of the boards we can provide at a good price (comparatively) Like the comp 95 and some altered MBS decks with above or below component compartment options. So as for reasons why we are selling simply put We would rather ride what we sell and can promote. We are also moving away from the EVOLVE arena of upgrade parts and components, I will post a second topic about the evolve decks we have upgraded for sale as well. Some history on the Build…

LACROIX deck and enclosure (nothing else came from lacroix)

Unity esc (enertion)

12s6p Samsung 30q custom battery pack w/charge balance bms

Custom motor mounts from ATC

6374 sealed Maytech motors with 10mm shaft 16t aluminum pulley

72t aluminum wheel pulley custom from IDEA

MBS Rockstar hubs (black)

MBS Matrix II PRO trucks

Hoyt remote

Custom Built with a 1-year warranty

Only test rides have been done and the battery is in the first cycle. No grip tape yet, so open canvas… PRICE $2300 ( price is flexible on serious offers )

20190125_000135 20190123_172312 20190124_225003 20190125_032357

DECK, TRUCKS, WHEELS AND MOUNTS 20190124_224849 20190124_224823 20190124_224849 20190124_224909 20190124_224917 20190124_224637

THE POWER BUTTON AND CHARGE PORT 20190124_220751 20190124_220739

DRIVE TRAIN 20190124_224909 20190124_224917 3a5b3fb770a349b0bf06198136c54a9ff9eb21af_1_495x500 20190124_232023 20190124_232032 20190218_230702 20190218_230711 20190218_230748 FINAL TEST 20190227_150618 image It is a pleasure to ride, has tons of power and very smooth acceliration with the unity and gearing. We started this build over 7 months ago with the intention of selling once we had it completed. We wanted to find out what could fit in it and make a templete to work off of for battery builds. Finally mission accomplished. With certain events looming and the desired direction, we wish to go in. We will barely have time to get the 3 demo boards together before Colorado event. Thank You for your Time, Commits are welcome but PM Me if You are interested in Making an offer (all serious offers will be considered)


can you ship to Hawaii?


Why not add an aluminium baseplate?

They are not in yet, and we are behind on everything. We intended to finish it sooner, but we were out of town for two weeks and we have 3-4 eMTB MBS demo boards to put together. They will be sporting the new Matrix Pro II metal trucks…


we may do a hand full of builds in the future with the lacroix deck, It’s just an expensive package any way you go. They won’t wholesale the deck and enclosure to me (for apparent reasons) If the board loses popularity and they have an overstock, maybe then they might. Right now anything over $400 for deck and enclosure is a deal killer.

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Can’t wait to see what you come up with the DWII!!!

We are going to play around with both styles, The cruiser with under mount flex enclosure, sleek and clean, No bindings. The Jumper with top mount box and bindings Both with Maytech 200a6.6 esc duel, sealed 6880 motors and some custom mounts (being designed) and the Matrix Metal trucks, etc.


I originally ordered a DW but my order got refunded since they were out and in the process of making the DWII, so I’m legitimately waiting to see what you guys come up

Nice to here you guys go into the e mtb direction. Looking forward for some nice builds and some good deals in future.

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We will definitely try… Let me know when you start to beat up the maytech6.6 200a escs, looking forward to your feedback


Still with @sender but i‘m confident we get them next week out for shipping. The rest is already prepared :relieved: it’s going to be a sick one for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey I am up in DFW love to touch base with you on one of these boards if available?

Nice to see what Lacroix should have done from the jump. Board is crap with that 10S.

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Power and Stamina, with the unity and charge/discharge only bms its a BEAST

We are also offering a Pack made with Samsung 50E 21700 Cells 12s5p configuration and over 1200wh



Beautiful! More Power is always good!

@hyperIon1 May I ask which wire you used there? image

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Eagle Eye Andy…

We knew that having the 21700 cells would cramp the space between the top of cell packs and bottom of the deck so we used duel layer 3/8 tined copper flat wire with an expandable tub on it to make the serial connection. More area to solder flatter than silicone wire and flexible. We also duel heat shrink each pack 2 direction with a fishpaper cap on both end terminals. A 1/16 closed cell rubber pad over every connection for anti-abrasion protection.


That’s cooler than loopkey


That where my thoughts too but the black cover made me to better ask again :sweat_smile: Nice made pack :ok_hand: if I would be in US I would probably buy one from you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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