New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review

I have both caliber II can TB218mm trucks I can measure with some calipers for you. Let me know what you need and I can measure them up now.

Got the drawing, Thanks! will inform you once have it production!

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I just got the 3D drawings of the caliber II from @BoostedBuilder .

for TB218mm, I am not sure what I need, I neve saw this truck before…

Almost exactly the same as TB218mm trucks just slightly thicker.

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where can I buy this TB218mm trucks?


I will buy when you make for Calibers II or TB218

Those are some good looking mounts for that price, good job!

All this new stuff you are starting to sell is awesome, your going to really help improve the esk8 industry with these new and better priced items. Good work

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Hey mate, how thick is the aluminium you used to mill these mounts out? Is it 10mm?

I order a set! looks awesome

If only it would fit caliber trucks

Thanks for the support!

it is 12mm thick.

got you order, thanks!

Would it be possible to do this on a 10mm piece if you modify the cad file?

hype is real. when you design the caliber 2 version it would be super awesome if you can make it so that the user can freely decide the angle of the mount, probably gonna make it more expensive but even more awesome.

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@dickyho, I’m using the 63mm stainless steel motor mount from DIYeboard, and what I like about it was how thin it was. Right now there is about 2mm gap between the 6354 motors with 13-14mm for belts in my dual setup. Do you think this will work as straight replacement? Or do I need to get a longer truck?

Wow for around $40 for 2. I want a pair just to test it out even thought I don’t need anymore mounts.

I am not sure… don’t have an idea of what it look like of the diyeboard’s mount