New: dual vesc capacitor board

if anyone is interested, this is the new VESC Capacitor PCB I have designed for the upcoming vesc production.

I handed my concept to an electronics engineer who made sure the copper thickness was adequate for carrying 50A cont, interestingly enough he told me the previous design made by Vedder is inadequate for carrying that much current?? I doubt we ever use 50A cont anyways but it doesn’t hurt to have the capacity.

As you can see this design is going to be great for dual vesc. When Building raptors we find it very slow & annoying to join two single vesc together, it adds a substantial amount of time to each build & using two boards for capacitors takes up lots of space.

The XT60 is also directly mounted to the board which will help reduce excess wire bulk inside your enclosures.

This new board has the dual output holes, so you can easily run wires to power dual VESC from one Cap-Board. I will probably get the next batch of VESC made in a Single & Dual configurations.


Single cap board and parallel connectors in 1, nice stuff! Can’t wait to pick one up.

Do you plan on selling just the cap board (with caps), if so when can I buy.

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sorry if i’m annoing. 1 question. on the previus vesc, i had 2 1000uF 63V cap. It is ok to add a third one to have 3 cap 1000uF 63V?