New Enertion Motor Mounts

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. The new Enertion Motor mounts (carbon fiber and aluminum) are mint, however you can’t use them for a dual uneven rear setup on Enertion trucks. The back of a 5065 motor will hit the base of the hanger mount on the motor that’s on the outside of the truck. Also, dual rear 5065 is possible, but not recommended with this setup. You have to space the wheels out quite a ways and I’m just barely getting my wheel nuts fully secured. Overall there’s about 2mm of play when setting that up. Anybody have any other tips regarding the dual drive kit or the motor mounts?

Your’e doing it wrong. You can fit 63xx easily and dual wirh 9mm pulleys. Even with 12mm pulleys despite it’s a bit tight.

They’re 5065, so 65mm long, not 55mm like the r-spec. You have no issues fitting 65mm long motors? What am I doing wrong?

Enertion had 6374 motor in their selection and they did fit.

50xx should be even easier due to smaller diametter.

Pics helps a lot.

I think he means a dual rear setup, and that two 5065’s can’t go on one back truck??

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Are 5065’s bigger than 6355’s?

Yes 50 is the diameter of the motor, 65 is the length.

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50mm x 65mm .This is what 5065 stands for.


I learn something new every time I come here. Thanks dudes!

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Yeah I mean dual rear setup. I’ll post a pic later. It’s super tight but doable.

Smaller diameter, bigger length on a 5065 compared to a 6355.

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here’s a photo for your enjoyment.


humm, those are dangerously close… they will probably hit each other with vibration, causing unwanted damage and premature failure…

Yeah, I mean there’s a whole mm lol. We’ll see how it goes

I’m having another issue with this dual drive kit. It looks like one truck hanger is wider than the other, but they have to same axle length. Doing a dual diagonal also isn’t possible because of this. There isn’t enough room on the truck axle to get the wheel with the pulley attached on with the lock nut fully seated. Getting more frustrated aaagh I just want to ride with both my motors. I wish I had known the trucks weren’t the same I would have requested that they both be the shorter hanger version! :cry:

@onloop Might be a good idea to add that the front hanger is the wide hanger version for those that expect to build a dual diagonal board with your dual drive kit. Looking at the picture the truck in front DOES appear slightly wider, but I don’t think I would ever realize or notice that before I had them in my hand. Not hating on the kit, the parts feel great, I just feel like I didn’t know everything I needed to know from the description.

@Jinra You mentioned seeing dual rear 5065 on a 180mm truck a while back. how close together can the motors be before they can potentially hit each other like Johnny mentioned above?

It’s on the benchwheel power kit, seen here

Can your mount fit 5065… ?

mmm good question mate. never checked. do you have a drawing with the distance between the holes from a 5065? I designed this for 63mm motors as this is what I ride and made this available; but worth looking for 5065 is there’s any interest