New ESC from diyelectricskateboard

Hey there, i was on live chat with diyelectricskateboard about a vesc, and they told me they are releasing a new ESC VERY soon, and were in the process of testing it now. They claimed it solved pretty much all issues of other ESC’s. They said it will cost $150+. I was wondering if anybody else knew about this? For some reason I didn’t think to screenshot the conversation, but thought people might be interested

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Any other details? @torqueboards

That’s all they told me, should have screenshoted as proof :confused:

Edit: below I have screenshoted as proof


There you go, proof and more details! Also, evidently the wheels they carry are 78a for those who didn’t know :joy:


I am 100%, for sure it’s just a derivative of the VESC 6.4 hardware.

Sounds encouraging, but as they say “the proof is in the pudding”.

That’s a 50A esc

Well Torque boards gets their VESC’s from maytech and this is maytech’s new vesc…

Everybody is copying me errrr I mean copying VESC6 :laughing:


@stewii Welcome to my world!

I released the first iphone bluetooth app for the vesc, within days, very quickly afterwards, there were multiple others.

I released the first practically priced hollow core deck, and even though I’ve been working on this for over 2 years, I’m finally ready for market and all of a sudden, 2 more pop up, lol.

It’s the world of business. If people are copying you, then it means your doing something right, yes?

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@evoheyax I knew I recognised your logo from somewhere, I have your app installed on my iphone, but I thought it was a new app.

@Jreamer We definitely don’t get our VESCs from Maytech lol…


Are you basing your new Vesc off of Vesc 6? Pictures will be appreciated. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

We’ll release more info once we’re closer to a beta launch/test.

The overall goal though is creating a much more reliable + high performance ESC. There will be on-going development to improve on any issues. So improving the overall design for reliability will be a consistent thing. I have a few engineers working on the actual project.


Who knows it might not even be a Vesc! Right @torqueboards?

They better be fully FOC compatible. Kudos to you brotha :+1:t2::wink:

@NAF was working for similar amount of time I think. I’m not sure did you noticed but no one is copying you. My deck i different shape, lid, and production technology. The same thing is with HYPER BEAST. If I would have to say I was 100% inspired by Ollin. Not sure who was first but I would risk that yours is more of a copy of Ollin than anything else. To be even more precise no one except of Chaka released that deck here. You have two prototypes, I got one and NAF showed one. All above don’t matter much as I’m sure that many more people thought about that kind of deck. It’s a general pursuit in design that to do things that looks ordinary but they aren’t. Ebikes companys are also doing everything to make their bikes look like ordinary bikes.

Sorry if I offended you. I didn’t mean to. I guess copy is the wrong word.

I think for anyone pursuing hollow core decks used Chakas for at least inspiration. You are right though that I don’t know how yours will close. My deck is still quite different from chakas. But like I said, you know your doing something right when others produce similar products to what you’ve produced, whether copying or because it’s a natural direction for people to go. I think that is what I was trying to say, not trying to accuse anyone of copying.

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My bad. I thought I heard that somewhere. My apologies. @torqueboards