New Esk8 App for iOS and Android

I’m also a React Native dev, so let me know if I can help in any way. The mockups look amazing.

Anything new? :slight_smile:

Hasn’t the test started yet?

Am I beating a dead horse for Android?


Dead and buried it seems :frowning:

Hello, Did you wrote it using Swift? I’m planning to do my own app, but I have problem with making bluetooth connection to VESC. Would you be so kind and share source code related to bluetooth connection?

Would you be so kind to share code related to connection via bluetooth to VESC board? I want to do my own app (also free) but I have problem with connection.

Hey I know this tread exist for a long time, but I cant see any replies saying if out released or not?

I’m wondering if the apps been released? I’m getting into doing a DIY electric skateboard and this could be something useful to see how far and the constant speed the board can go (haven’t made it yet but I’m soon ordering the parts) please let me know if it’s been released!

I’m having trouble finding it on Google Play. Can you link it please?

This was really a good idea project, I hope you’ll release it one day

I wonder if he’s ok, is has been years since he last replied. Looked very promising.

Are you ok?

Hey, I am just wondering where things are up to with this app?