New esk8 calculator

I put up a new calculator similar to the old one everyone loved. The one that disappeared…


Enjoy! Let me know if you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions for improvements.


oh finally! Thanks man…Bookmarked

tried a bit…love it


Awesome, thanks

Nice, easy to use :+1:

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Great work Brian

Finally I can stop using that shi-

I mean yes thank you Brian :wink:


Hey @b264

I’m making brand new calculators. I’m using a newer technique so the calculator is a progressive web app instead of website.

Maybe we could team up?

Even got my visistors some discount at Nkon.

@SynteX This is built with Angular 7. It appears you’re using Ionic?

I have a bunch more tabs on there that aren’t visible yet because they’re not completely finished.

I did see yours before I made this. From the looks of it, yours is approaching a different need – making batteries – where this one is approaching making boards from batteries. Both are equally as important and can compliment each other well. I have a spreadsheet I could share with you that I’ve used while selecting cells if you want, PM me

If this approach would solve a problem, I’d gladly use it, but I don’t need any of that, as I’m not storing information or transmitting anything to any backend server. In fact, there isn’t even a server; it’s serverless and served by the Github CDN.

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Thanks for the fast response.

I’m going to add more calculators to the website. I just wanted to create a “umbrella” of diffrent calculators (Thats why I bought this domain).

Mine is made in React.JS.

Didn’t know yours was made in angular nice callculator!

When I tried using ReactJS it seemed really shitty and low-quality so I just kept using Ionic. But in this case, I don’t think any of that is needed.

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Thanks a lot! Your a legend

oh really discounts 0.o this would come in handy as im looking at buying just under 200 cells from them haha

Wow this worked great it’s calculated speed for my board was only off by .1MPH from what I tested. Definitely like this style of calculator. Keep up the great work!

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If anyone finds these numbers too high or too low or just right, I’d really like to hear about it :slight_smile:

Your C-Ratings are off.

Because they exist, in a calculator.

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How so?​

Nice work thanks :ok_hand:

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Awesome! Thanks dude!

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