NEW: Esk8 Chat Function

try it out & report any bugs.


I’m kind of afraid of this new fonction since people from the future can speak to us

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I can’t even write a message Edit: resolved

refresh your browser & stuff.

It’s kind of weird in phone because when you click to chat it zooms in and scrolls the page behind.

Having issues with OnePlus

Hahaha! I guess it’s because of the time zone deference. I’m from Greece, which is GMT +02:00. That means that here(Greece) it’s 03:15 a.m. on Friday the 17th. :smile:

What issues are you having? I have a OnePlus 3 and it works great.

No textbox to type in. Maybe its b/c of being in mobile version?

I’m using mobile version.

I cant see the bottom type area box. May just be my phone.

Happens to me to… iPhone7+ here.

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I click on the chat box and then I can’t see it when typing. iPhone 5. I do like slack more.


A keyboard pops up but if I press back it disappears.

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Pretty cool! :slight_smile:

When I am in the chat and click on the emotion button and click the “Skip” sign bottom right the chat dissapear.

Me too, can’t see chat box on my Mac using Safari, so currently useless for me. Any hints?

Weird that you cant see it on your desktop, I am having issues with my mobile.

Bug report: When I get a notification that someone mentioned me in a chat (in the top right, where my icon is), and I click on the notification, it tries to go to a relevant page ( in this case) but then sends me to a dead page (