New Focboxes just came in today for my Raptor

I got my Raptor dual and within 2 days one of the vesc had a bullet connector break off during a ride almost 2 miles from home, I repaired that and I got a DRV error so I ordered 2 Focboxes to replace the old Enertion vescs from @JohnnyMeduse these things are awesome. I’ve been riding around single motor for a little bit now and have gotten used to it so with the dual set up fully functional the acceleration and braking are so dramaticly different I almost fell a few times lol. I also put some dynamat under the focbox to hopefully lessen any vibrations to the electronics.


took a long ride around my home today i wanted to test the range especially to make sure everything is working properly for next friday’s group ride. I got 16.2 miles range averaging 14mph i was surprised the Raptor could do this with my weight i am a really heavy rider. The group ride is 8.7 miles each way but i think i can make it if i walk up the bridges with the steeper slopes and brake regen down. or ill find an outlet and charge a bit before coming back.