New Foxbox will not connect to pc

Hello guys! I got a new FocBox… my first one. I tried to connect to pc, but id doesn’t show up on MAC oder WINDOWS. Do I have to do something special? My VESCs or Arduinos showing up normally…

Is there any trick? I connected it to my charger and the USB to pc (as I do it for my VESCs). the FB starts blinking red and then stay solid on blue (power).

Any idea?

Try a different usb cable. The connectors are really finicky

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I ll try… bot the VESC and the Arduinos work great. Without any issues.



Was about to suggest your USB cable might not be data capable but if you had no issues before on other devices this might not be the case.

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@StefanMe If this problem persists, contact support.

Common reasons: Broken usb port on focbox Bad cable Try a different computer Ensure Focbox is powered on when plugging in

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I read in one of the threads that @CarlCollins suggested to clean up the micro USB ports on the focbox. Sometimes they covered and the connection is not good because of that.


I had one like that and it turned out to be the usb. Had a small piece of film stuck in there but I had to take it out of the casing to clean it. Make sure that support are good with that warranty wise. Sure they will be.


check your device menager

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Running it on Mac. u don’t need any device manager. A lot fo VESCs worked fine so far.

I tried some different cables, different power supply, different pc. It just do nothing. it should also light up when just plug in the usb cable without power supply. Also doesn’t light up.

No combinations work. Whats next? Connect @carl.1 ?

I am really disappointed … I needed this part. Now I have to wait for another month…

Also the plug on some usb cables is too short and with the focbox case on cannot be inserted fully. Try taking off the plastic case and make sure the plug is fully inserted.


go to your pc and open up the device manager vesc may show up there with a yellow triangle indicating some kind of an error

i had some trouble with mine until i installed some drivers and got it to work

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Thanks, it just doesn’t show up like not connected.

I already did this with cutting apart some of the plastic. Same result.

i think you just lost your warranty there…

I CUT THE CABLE! Not the FocBox of course!

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@StefanMe I think I am able to help you, Can you please do the following? remove your FOCBOX plastic casing and connect the MicroUSB cable. And check if your MAC recognize it.

Also, I would love to help you via team viewer.

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After removing the plastic housing, the pc is recognizing the FOCBOX. But the PC detects it as UNKNOWN DEVICE (WIN). I installed the latest BLDC Tool from your website… is there any driver i need?

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Here: for Windows Only:

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I installed the driver, But device is still UNKNOWN DEVICE…

@StefanMe Install team viewer on your Windows PC, Let me help you virtually