New - gear drive design - advice welcome

What ratio is your drives at if I may ask? Are you also making yours specifically for PU wheels?

3 or higher would be if we were using bigger wheels like pneumatics, since we’re using this drive for PU wheels, we definitely want below 3, but higher than 2. We originally were going for right in the middle with 2.5, but circumstances came up and we opted for our current ratio. It of course can be changed to a higher ratio if we change the motor gear down 1 or 2 teeth. So we have room to play around with should it be needed.

I’d say 2.25 is a good medium of speed and torque. At 10s, 200kV motors, and 90mm wheel it would give you 30 mph and 36 mph at 12s.

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We’re thinking about wheels from 97mm up. It could be used with the smaller wheels, but then the issue of ground clearance comes up.

if the gears are changeable, does it even matter?

Because I want to go for a good standard, and also want to get some sound advice

Gears are not easily interchangeable, extra costs are inflicted because of that

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I guess i’m in the minority, since I prefer wheels smaller than 90mm.

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mmh true, havnt thought that out…you always need a set of gear if you want to change the ratio right?

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Yes, I suppose the motor gear can be changed with ease ,but I will look into that in a bit

BTW, 3 gears as gear drive will be longer and it will introduce other clearance issues :wink: We already have solution for 2 gear system.

Also 6384 will not fit on TB218 if you want to keep decent width of gears otherwise they will strip as contact width will be too small.


I have no boards with pneumatics. My loaner board with kegels even has 3:1

I’m using a gear ratio of 10:13:25, so a 1:2,5 ratio. Mine fits PU wheels from 80mm and up… Not much clearance on 80mm though… I have about 15mm of clearance on 90mm wheels, and this seems to be more than enough

I did try something like that, probably tried 5 different setups. Just want a good place to start :slight_smile:

Well that’s great you have a solution now for a 2 gear system for PU wheels that fixes the clearance issues, but just a few weeks back when I was asking if you had anything in the works, so I could get that instead of a refund you said you didn’t. That’s why we started this design. We’re not trying to make it so far that other clearance issues become a problem, just long enough that this main one with the truck base plate can be addressed. Also we never said what trucks we’ll be using these with so not really concerned about the TB 218’s :wink:


I said I didn’t have anything to sell for you at that moment… I didn’t say nothing is in the works. Do some simulations/test fits before going into making will save some money later on :slight_smile:

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Well I knew you didn’t have anything in stock as you told me everything had to be made still since you were waiting on inventory. I thought I had made it clear I was willing to wait if something was being developed… Regardless, no harm done, it’s in the past :slight_smile:

Yes we plan on making multiple iterations of prototypes before we actually land on a completed design. We are about to start prototyping very soon, that’s why we started this thread too see if anyone could point out things that may need to be changed or improved. Hopefully all goes well :smile:

Guess you went for module 2 spur gears

I’ve been working on this for 6 months. Half of the time spent is remembering how to use Blender!

I will never be finished. T_T



well thats a first i see something like that here

You gotta start somewhere, I’ve only been messing around with fusion for about half a year too

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