New GT2B enclosure mod

Has anyone seen and tried this new case for the GT2B?


It’s not that new I’ve seen it up for a while. There’s a guy from europe on here who I recall linking to this in his build. I just can’t remember the name. Made the small cruiser with the white enclosure and has the carbon fibre showing for a name. At least I’m pretty sure, akin boards? Something like that. He has a picture of a green one i think. Oh this is gonna bug me.

Edit: got it

@Riako can you give some feedback

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That looks like a MasterCho one:

It is most definitely NOT @MasterCho’s. I have his, it’s much nicer than the one in the picture.

It’s not the one you linked either but it’s very similar in design. Found it:

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That is not it either - look at the screw placements and the GT2B knobs (the holes are missing)

Edit: got to correct myself - he even says it in his build. It looks a little different to me though - maybe an older version?

Yeah possibly. Or the file comes with different covers, some with and without holes.(didn’t download to look at files). He could have also modified it afterwards. He did paint it, maybe covering up some stuff.

I get a warning

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Here’s mine. I tried others and ended up liking this one the most. No modifying the GT2B board other than trimming a lifting off the side (no usb reroute or anything like that) and it fits really nice in the hand. I opted for drilling through holes and bolting it together because screws weren’t working well for me. O I also added a $2 on off switch because the other one fell off when trying to put it all together. It would really slide back and forth very smoothly anyway and will eventually wear out for sure. Id just slap a proper switch on it if I was you. Love the case overall.


IMO this is the best looking one out there. I’ll probably print this one soon, thanks for sharing!

I realized I didn’t post any full pictures of it so here’s a couple more.

hey, I did this radio for a few folks on the forum I created two years ago (E-SK8.FR). You can get the full tutorial here; I know it’s in french but many photos. While learning how to use epoxy/carbon fiber from scratch by failure, I also did mine that I still use on all of my builds. You can see it in this video

and also a closer view here

and the unmolding



Is this remote design more durable than the winning remote? My winning receiver died after 4 months and I got a hobby king receiver then a couple weeks later the remote powers on but the signal is dead . Slowly it lost range until it died.

I think the one I bought in eBay is this same style you guys are showing. It has a knob on the side and some trim settings in the rear.

which one ?

Did you guys realize about Carbon poisoning, right? I cannot imagine what could happend if one fell to the ground at high speed holding a Carbon remote and crushing the device against the tarmac while still on your hand, eh (??)

no, Your body is 80% water and 20% carbon, some extra carbon here and there is not going to hurt you. Carbon monoxide or other will kill you real fast but only occurs in gaseous form. The only thing you should worry about with carbon fiber is if you crack it and it splinters as it can go right under your skin.

Yeah, thats what I’m talking about. Also carbon dust from sanding carbon pieces is poisonus.

I kinda prefer the “normal” GT2B Mod to be honest. Here is the white one I made recently