*New* GTX deck and enclosure [RESERVED]

Good day!

I was purchasing spare parts at Evolve and a friend asked me to buy a GTX deck with an enclosure for him but backed out.

I payed $150 for the deck, $50 for the enclosure, $17.48 for shipping and $14.50 as taxes.

Wanna grab it for $230 shipped within US?

EDIT: here is a picture.

maybe a photo can help to sell it :slight_smile:


True, it’s at a forwarding company, so this is all I have. !

How do you find the enclosure?

Wheels and pulleys go along with it?

They don’t have it on their website, you have to write an e-mail to them asking for a custom invoice.

I’m afraid not, thats for my builds.

still available! you can send offers

I’m interested in the enclosure only. Would you sell it by itself?

I prefer keeping it together for some time, thanks for the interest though : )

Where are you shipping it from?

Tualatin : )

Tualatin, Oregon?

That’s correct, and also to add to the post I have 2 new AT belts and 2 new AT covers to add for a few $ if you are interested.

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Nice. We’re neighbors. :slight_smile:

I asked for a picture, first post updated (costed me $3 :weary:, someone take this).

Why dafuq would you pay 3$ for a photo of some generic evolve stuff?! Did you post this in facebook groups and reddit?

It’s at a forwarding company where they charge you for everything, and I want people to see that I have it and it’s new. Oh and also cause I have a sad life.

I didn’t, good idea, thanks. (although I’m not a part of any groups)

I can ship it today. It’s 2 - 4 day shipping!

@longhairedboy would you perhaps be interested for your mods…?

how much? if its just the deck and enclosure it would make a sweet ass sleeper.

possibly with 39 cells instead of 40… tee heee heee

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