New hatched chicken | first board | beginner | tips

Hello everyone, I’m about to build my first esk8board and I wanted to post it here.

I wondered if I could get any tips from you guys on my build.

I have found a couple of parts that I can list:



BATTERY alternative 1:

BATTERY alternative 2:




BOARD: I decided to pick a full board, but I have configured the parts to have caliber II trucks and Orangatang Kegel wheels.

it is trucks similar to these:

and wheels are like these:

and just a parralel conector for my batteries:

now that is all my parts I’ve found so far, I wondered if you guys could help me see any faults in my build, since I’m totally new, I am sertain I have done something wrong, thanks you very much for any answers.

So far it looks like you’re off to a good start!

  • ESC - going with a VESC is a good idea, except you are paying to much for that. you can find the same on eBay/Banggood/AliExpress for significantly less, or find something better like a Torqueboards/Flipsky for the same price. You will also need a remote
  • motor - this looks good to me, MayTech motors are as good as they get, but you could get a BKB of basically the same quality for a little less
  • battery - overall it is more common to use a li-ion battery over lipo unless you need it super cheap or need a lot of amps in a small board
  • drive kit - this looks good to me, although you will need a wheel pulley, you can buy them or just print the yourself
  • definitely get an enclosure too…duct tape is not good for holding electronics

I got some alternatives if you want to PM me

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isn’t the wheel pulley included in the kit? If I understands it correctly

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Oh my bad, yeah it’s the whole pulley

Don’t get shit from MBoards.

He buys from Hobbyking and then sells it at a higher price


is this VESC like one of the ones you talk about?

and about the motors, what is BKB?

And I’m about to go to sleep now, I hope it’s ok to talk a bit more tomorow if you’re okay with it :slight_smile:

This is my life, I’ll always be around :sweat_smile:

Maybe these are a little better

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These are good and cheap

Does dirt_bag sell good batteries?

Nobody makes packs nearly as nice for that price https://forum./t/10s4p-batteries-for-sale-300-usa-only/1695


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just a small question, is the motor mount I listed a bad one? or is it okay?

Never used it so not sure. It looks okay but you can’t change the angle

would this pulley system work with kegel wheels too? It lists that it works with flywheel

@ZachTetra how hard would you say a first time build is?

considering I’ve never done one before?

There are 2 ways to make a first build…\

  1. buy cheap things and think you can cobble them together. do NOT do this, it will make you poor and miserable. eventually you will move to option 2 for a following build
  2. plan out you build with a clear vision of what you want with quality parts you know will work together. I highly recommend this, it will make everything much easier and much faster. you will be proud of a good build and you only paid once for good parts

TBH it’s a really fun experience, even though I royally fucked up I quite enjoyed it. Keep revising the list of parts until you are confident how they will turn out then you can ask around or patrol for sales on the forum, and wait for discounts on the stores until you have everything you need

If you buy things from people on the forums, it never hurts to ask for anything else you might want too, most of us will toss in little things at minimal cost that otherwise you need last minute and have to pay way to much for


Sound really awesome man! I appreciate very much you guys helping me out!

I wondered if you have any tips to what kinda deck that is fitting for general esk8?

Depends on your price range and aesthetic preferences but the easiest would be a flat rectangular deck. In terms of riding, slightly stiffer will be more stable as speeds and you have better grip/control with drop decks. Some decks like Evos and Talons have different angles on the mounting face but that can be replicated with risers

If you’re in Norway then maybe @pjotr47 may be a better source for a pack? Shipping batteries over the pond is a no go usually

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I haven’t looked at MBoards in a long time, but they order parts from Hobbyking and resell.

Make a google spreadsheet or use excel since that will make it less confusing.