New here? Some basic Post/Thread guidelines

It seems like there are a bunch of new guys on here so I wanted to post some “guidelines” that are not in the forum rules. :slight_smile: Ok so new to this wonderful place here? Here is some basic stuff for writing posts: :smile:

  1. Use the search function. If you are looking for any information that is commonly available please don’t always make a thread for everything. Just search for it. If you don’t find your answer you can still ask in a thread or create a topic.
  2. People on here are very helpful (for the most part :joy:) but please don’t make a post/create a topic for everything. Also please do some research before you make a build thread.
  3. Don’t go around and revive 3 month to 1 year old threads. If you want to buy something just send that person a pm… :slight_smile:

If there’s anything else you would like to add feel free to reply. Cheers, :slight_smile: Michael




just gonna leave this here

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Are new users not able to make new posts? I can’t submit a new topic.

I’m having issues finding the “new thread” button in the general section Any help?