NEW HTD Belts Swap/Trade

So I accidentally ordered the wrong belt and and now have 4 belts that are too short for my board I have 2 305mm-5m-15mm and 2 310mm-5m-15mm. I’m looking for a 320mm-5m-15mm belt. I figured there have been several people who have ordered the wrong belts and after @Scoo_B_SK8 suggested it I made the thread for people who bought the wrong belt size and need a different size to swap.


Good thread cause figuring out belt sizes will leave you with extra belts lol

Just ordered 350-5m-12mm for my 16/60t gearing let’s see if that works lol

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i got a bag of belts at home, ill take a look when class is over =)


Awesome thread idea. I’m sure a ton of us have bought the wrong size, have spares leftover from switched gearing, bought extras, or have some we just no longer use. I just got rid of my 3m spares, but I’m sure I’ll F something up and come into possession of other spares in the future lol

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Awesome dude

So @trancejunkiexxl just let me know that he has basically every size under 300mm haha. So if anyone need has 320 to trade

I’ll fix that soon, and keep extras :smiley:

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I have a few 320 -5-15 , I think. I’ll get right back.


Sorry, I have 330, 325… the 320s are on my next shipment. First of May


It’s ok thanks I was hoping to trade because it basically will cost me more to return these belts.

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Well if you don’t find any by the time my shipment comes in I’ll trade you out. When it drops I’ll pm you.


Ok sounds good I just wanted someone to be able to use them since I’m not. If they are in May first that is next week so that could work.

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Looking for a pair of 420’s. In case this last sentence attracted the attention of the police, I have to say I’m speaking about HDT5M-15 belts :slight_smile:

I have a pair of 460’s and a pair of 385’s I have no longer any use for. located in the EU.

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finally got some on the way Vbelt guys must have just got them recently been looking also 30$ for 4. is waht i paid . 420-5m-15

you got 320mm?

I got (4) 330-5m-15mm Bought them and didn’t fit


Were they to big or 2 small?

To small. I needed 340-345

Have 3x HTD5 15mm wide 255mm belts.

Looking for HTD5 15mm wide 265mm belts.

IMG_4641 I have the above for trade. Looking for 345mm+ 12mm, 440+ 15mm