New Hummie Hubs!

@Hummie everywhere rumours about your new motors but no thread about it. So here we go :slight_smile:

Do you already have some infos for us? When? How? Pics? Something?:grin:


Yeees pics please !! The anticipation is killing us. I hope hummie went with bigger motor diameter this time.

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Hi. I thought I’d shut up till things came this time and do an uphill video with some hot chicks and great drone video as it’s supposed to be done.

I sold motors before at if u don’t know.

I’m in need of final bucks to pay for shipping of the main steel motor parts from China (black and raw) so if anyone is interested in getting motors in about 2 weeks I have a couple sets left of this first 10. They’re no longer the kegel 80x56 size with a 25mm motor inside but these abec11 Centrax at 83x78mm with a 52mm motor. 12mm axle hanger. 375$ if u wind them or 475$ if I wind them for 90kv. There’s a lot of upgrades with these over the past but I’ll tell you about those when things are in hand.


Cool! Thx for that update, the new dimension looks good :slight_smile: keep us updated

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Those trucks are massive. Mind me asking how heavy one of them is?

305g Paris v2 195 8mm which is paired with: 432g 195 effective 12mm


Sweet! I will keep an eye on this thread, im new to the forum looking to build my first setup… and im thinking hummies hubs might be the way to go but im not sure what the KV will transfer into the wheels for top speed/acceleration and wattage output?

Will probably run 10s or 12s

Im looking for high top speed potential 30-40kph with good range… 30+km if thats not to much to ask for!!

80kv with these will do 30mph on 12s*

*in the real world on a flat surface and no tail wind

Good to see you back in the Hubmotor game! Apart from the 12mm axel and wider motors, did you make any other changes to design? Like adding Hallsensors and bigger bearings, improving the mounting mechanism or the ability to take the Hubs apart a little easier.

What deck is that?

You couldn’t get them wind at the factory for 90kv ?

Should I wind them with no experience or whatsoever? @hummie

maybe he didn’t want to outsource all of his IP - some people like Jacob have been ripped off by chinese factories that basically steal their IP and sell it as their own products.

By ordering parts from different sources he could have made sure that no single company gets all the IP and therefor can’t copy the design that easily. However, wherever the stator is coming from I am pretty sure they would not have gotten much out of the information to also wind it to 90kv, so there might be more to it :smiley:

The motor maker I had used before made good motors, no mistakes, but after they were selling them on the side to businesses and then finally I found it easier to deal directly with the metal machining place to get what I want. Winding motors is kinda fun too and gives me control to try different winding patterns and kv. Anyone can wind them with a bit of research and I though people might want to try. Scorpion motors sell kits. The design is the same as the larger 101mm version so they will have two big bearings and all 1020 steel and it’s all a tighter fit o things inside this time and no wasted space and still fit a 52mm stator in. And there’s the 12mm axle in the unique effectively 195mm hanger. The biggest change will be the tire has a polycarbonate core and also polyurethane intended for high heat. Regular pu deteriorates at about 170 losing its mechanical abilities, getting too soft, and also turning straight up to white powder. I think every hub out there really needs a core if it’s put to a lot of work

The deck I had made and have just a couple to test. It’s similar to the landyachtz switchblade 40. Theyre wood with two layers of carbon and a 3D mill job to keep the hole consistent 13mm throughout the 23x5.5". Plan to add a compression battery which is in the works and sell compete boards. I plan to change the outline cut a bit to make it sharper angles in the future

Poorness is here and trying to round up people interested in any of my wares! I owe the motor place for half the cost of the main parts and shipping. I have 5 sets of motors that will be fininshed any day and shipping from China is super fast. I think 2 sets are still available if anyone is interested. And the deck…150$. I could put sensors in but don’t want to deal with it for now. Opening them is easier as just locking the bearings on the rotor side so if u remove the threaded ring the motor is easy to get to. You’ll still need a big wrench to remove the motor to access the biggest bearing though

And I have lots of new Paris v2 180 I want to get rid of for cheap. Black gloss

thanks for your interest and encouragement people!


@Hummie anything new in the hub motor department ? :slight_smile:

jesus, what happened to that scale!:sweat_smile:


Glad to hear ur interest. It always takes longer. I’ve been telling people 2 weeks for months but parts are now here. 2 more weeks till they’re done! Thanks those of u who are waiting patiently. @Vampiresquid64 it’s got lots of rubber on it from pouring pu wheels in the past and other stuff. Too scared I’ll break it if I try to remove it


@hummie how many KV are these going to be ? also .are they going to be sensored ?

@NAF I’ll do mine in 90kv but could do whatever. Luke (@evoheyax) put sensors in the old motors within the last couple of days and said they were running 15 degrees cooler on his typical run so I’m thinking maybe it is worth it for the efficiency.

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hello thx you first off for making this available to everyone i am interested in buying two sets of 107mm or better yet 110mm with the softest available pref. 70a or 75a derometer to match my abec11 flywheel if limited the softer larger 110mm and is there any way to buy a 2 sets 4 total of 110mm Ralph hubs are there any mods that advanced the durability or performance

i’m currently making m first prototype a special high stability quad hub motor 110mm drop deck speeder of a esc type possible pref FOC input sensored 120degr hall sensors

any way hit me back i say you quote 90 dollars for a set of 110mm ralphy :slight_smile: :smile hope that means 180$ for 4 total : durometer if options i would go softer but any way i plan to build a 24s3p 300amp 100.8 v bms or equv= FOC VESC and i can talk for days just hit me back 4.2v 9900mah cell