New idea for serial connections

Hey guys… was just thinking- what if i used this for connections betweeen parallel groups (I.e. soldering this on top of my nickel). I would then pass wire through here 12-14 g and then connect it to the other parallel pack by passing wire through and twisting. Add to that solder. Thoughts ??

Won’t let me upload a photo! Says there’s no space.

Try this link- click on ‘grounding ribbon w holes’

you wanna use braided cable with a wire inside??

Why have wire-Insulation-wire? just use the braided cable. I have done it as many others

So- I bought the braided wire- found it tough to work with…disregard the braid for now

you take wire - normal 12 g or 14 g wire, strip it’s insulation, and use it to connect P groups which have this nickel plated copper (please follow link) which has holes through it. I guess it would be similar to passing it through the nickel belts, however, the idea is more in the twisting through and around the parallel connections to establish security around the connection on the parallel pack. You can then solder if you wanted- but unlikely twisted copper will come undone

like this?