New LED light for electronic skateboard

We are a small company in China who start to build accessory for skateboard. Now we launch our first product Skateboard light and looking for distributor or personal player who can help to sell our product!! We are planning to send 20 units products to oversea player for free to test! Please feel free to send email to [email protected] if you are interested to get samples.

Email sent. Thank you and look forward to reviewing them for you.

We got enough riders to test our product and we will stop ship out samples now.

Peter this is Jesse Amlin. I was one of your testers.( And the guy with the. Charger idea. I broke my last 2 phones and no longer have your email address . Please give me your contact info.

Hi Jesse. Nice to get reply from you again. I sent email to you by [email protected]. If you need ask anything you can still send to this email address.