New loopkey design

Hey, i’m currently making a loopkey for my board and i thought that i would share it with you guys to get some feedback.

The connectors are AS150 and will be encased in epoxy resin, the dimensions are 34(w)x28(h)mm (panelmount) and 27(w)x32(h)(16mm when connected), + wires coming out behind the panelmount.

What are your thoughts on the size of it? would this fit in your enclosure?

The connectors will be completely encased by epoxy resin so no replacing connectors, bad/good? failure rate on AS150 connectors?

Give me the good and bad you see with it, I want to make as good of a loopkey as possible.

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Is there a fuse? How is it anti spark?

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The AS150 connector is the anti spark, it’s basically an XT90-S but different form factor, no fuse.

Definitely not trying to be negative here, but what is the real advantage of all this effort? I mean it looks good, I just don’t get the benefit.


There is no benefit, a regular loopkey will work just as good, it’s all about aesthetics :slight_smile:

150A capable loop key! That’s a benefit for me.

As opposed to using two loop keys otherwise…

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Is it a lot smaller? Why not use a 3d printed case for an xt90

Good point. I have never seen many properly seated xt90s fail. But this is a good idea for power hungry eMTB builds

It would be roughly the same size as xt90 with a panel mount probably a few mm bigger, a bit deeper maby.

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I’ll be using AS150 on my Haya to pull 160A… If the TBDDs will handle the power. I just don’t feel comfortable pulling that through XT90.

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You will be pulling that for no amount of time on 4wd thane…

But, the beefier the better!


Try taking a look at Offshore Electric’s 8mm antispark connector rated at 200A. It’s the bigger brother of a XT90S. However, it is quite bigger than a XT90. They’re out of stock though until June. I’m picking up a bunch once they come in.

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Looks hard to grab imo. biggest annoyance with loopkey rn is having to pull on the wire. Stress on the solder joints and such isn’t great. Also, The xt90s is just a bit too tough to plug in and pull out. from a friction standpoint that is. Though I suppose that’s partially an advantage since it is less liable to fall out unintentionally

Will take a look, but im worried about size, keeping it slim is a priority since the space inside enclosures. What would you say is an acceptable size inside enclosure? In my opinion 50mm is quite large

Yes, the loopkey might need some ridges or another design to help with that, might cast a soft rubber like case for the “key” to improve removability.

I don’t like to keep loopkeys in the enclosure. I usually route them so that they’re outside of the enclosure. Once I get my hands on some of those connectors I’ll post the dimensions. I tried to order last week but they ran out.

EDIT : 86 that, they have some in stock when I checked this morning. If they still have some in a few days I’ll order a bunch and post the dimensions once I get them.

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