New maytech motors for sale: 6355 170kv sensored

2 maytech 6355 170kv sensored motors for sale, both have never been used… casing will have light scratches from being in my box full of other skateboard stuff… price is $200 for both with free priority shipping in US… I’ll ship out same day payment via PayPal is made if the USPS is open by me. You will get a pic of the package and receipt. /msg me, thanks!


Do not have the focbox’s anymore

Hello sir, just a quick note, only user level3 and up can post in new items for sale, maybe move it before a mod takes it down

Thanks but I’ve posted new items for sale here before and haven’t had any issues with any one

I thought only level 3 can open a groupbuy. I think everybody can sell items


I think so, as long as photos are supplied and you don’t ask for Friends and Family payments.


sent you a pm

Sorry bruv. Should’ve kept reading. Good luck with your sale @Danny414 zlR58iaWRxuEFsJfO5qwiA](//

Might you want to learn how to investigate better before you call someone a liar. If you look at the threads you will see I clearly say I purchased extras to build another board with intent to sell and it never panned out. With that said you might consider an apology


Sorry got it… do t know how much it costs to ship to you. Feel free and check if you’d like, my zip is 53215, thanks

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sent you pm again :roll_eyes: