New Maytech MTSKR1712 Remote & Receiver 42€ + Shipping

We placed a larger order with Maytech for a friends skate shop. We have 30 of these remote kits left to sell here for a reduced price (the others go to my friends store and will be sold for 10€ more)

A full feature list can be found in the remote’s manual, available here

We ship from Germany. Shipping cost:

to Germany: 5€ Tracked, 4€ Untracked, 3€ Untracked w/o original box to EU countries, US & Canada: 6,50€ Tracked to other countries, please contact me first.

We accept Paypal or Crypto.


If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

If you just want to place an order, you can use this paypal link. In the comments box, write your full shipping address (and phone number, as its sometimes required for international shipping) and your email (if provided, this is where we will send your VAT invoice to). Packages will be sent out every work day. I should also mention, that of course we offer a 12 month warranty (outside of Germany you have to pay for the return shipping, though)


I have this remote and can confirm it works great! It’s still a little on the light side as far as weight , but the throttle has a nice heavy spring action. Feels very comfortable in the hand and super smooth acceleration/braking , just as good as my GT2B mod

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agreed. took a 30km trip on it yesterday. its a fine remote. comfortable to hold, super fast connecting, great battery life and the 2 speed settings are very convenient.

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How much is the total price with ship to the US?


48.5€ = $55.3

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I’ve been selling these here in the states on my site and just ran out today! They are nice. I too can confirm great throttle response and a solid feel on the thumb stick. Nice that the slow/fast function works too!

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though I think that the high speed mode doesn’t change the top speed but only the acceleration curve.

btw, we just found out that, if you know your way around a soldering iron, you can connect battery power to the receivers ground and 42V pin and the remote will indicate the battery status (for 10S), no need for the maytech esc to use this feature.


That’s a great find!

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Performance aside, Maytech makes some awful looking remotes


Fully agree! I can’t even hold the other ones.

“Sweet board! …is that a vibrator?”


Why yes it is :laughing:

this comment again?? didn’t you post the same on the other thread? its very comfortable to hold. I used a GT2B and E before and now definitely prefer this one.

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awful looking != uncomfortable :wink:

joke aside I like that this remote has apparently a simple board battery status LED - that is awesome.

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The new one is very comfortable and seems more a part of my hand.

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Did I? If I did, it must have been a long time ago because I don’t remember. I’m sure it’s comfy in the hand, but it sure doesn’t fit well into my pocket.

Huh?! You should actually check out the new remote…I’m positive your picturing the older one. This thing’s small.

Oh, yea I was talking about the old one. The new one looks less “vibrator”-ish, and more like a TV remote, haven’t tried it yet.

I’m pretty sure the title of this thread say’s “new” Jinra.

Commenting negatively about the old here is out of place right? Am I wrong?

Right but my original comment was just that Maytech makes awful looking remotes, this one included. Even with this new remote, it doesn’t look like it’ll fit in my pocket as well as the nano v2 or benchwheel remotes.

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