New MG Chemicals conformal coatings have SHIT lids now

The MG Chemicals conformal coatings now come with a childproof cap … which doesn’t have a brush… they give you little tiny brushes separately.

Which doesn’t help at all, because keeping the brush inside the container means it doesn’t dry out. I might use one bottle hundreds of times. Now I have two brushes and hence two uses per bottle. Fuckers.

The old

The new

Time to go shopping for a new brand… anyone know any better stuff?


To be clear, I can just move my old lids to the new bottle… for a little while anyway until they get all crusty and stuff. But for folks who don’t have it already, this will be a big problem.

Would it be okay to apply with a Q-tip? Or the tiny paint brushes that have 20 of those black plastic bristles?

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what about drilling a hole in the size of the brush in the cap, than use some glue or your favorite JB weld to fix the brush?


This would work great, but having to do this now is very annoying.


Maybe, but I suspect the brush works better. They do put brushes in there but the problem now is that the brushes will dry out because they are not stored inside the bottle.

Was just an idea in case they don’t switch back to the old design. We diy guys Brian :wink: easy fixes are what we look for.


There is a very strict no vendor bashing policy on this forum and you’re currently in breach of said policy so lock this down @mmaner MG clearly have no representatives on here and Brians being a tosser.:sunglasses:


I feel this information is extremely relevant to the way this product is used for esk8 waterproofing, and adversely affects its use, as it’s effectively a different product now.

It’s not “vendor bashing”, it’s a “public service announcement”.

Also, I linked this post in the Amazon review that is pending, so if MG wants to show up, they are free to. I made this a public post on purpose.


Your answer should have been;

“fuck off Daren”



You need someone to 3d print you a puck with a hole for the brush to epoxy all together


Just JB weld or otherwise putty the brush on the inside of the lid lmao

Is this the diy board or the dumb nerd board

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It’s not a board, it’s conformal coating packages

I am being serious though. Like, I know it’s a pain and we shouldn’t have to - but clean the part of the lid, mound some quality putty, attach brush. At the same time, email and complain. Tell them to keep offering

I just left a review and pointed them here. I will just buy another product. You are free to do all that. :smiley:

I feel my job here is done.

Ahh, maybe I’m dumb, I was under the impression that this specific brand had really good product I guess. If you’re able to find different product that works as well and keeps the good lid, let us know and I’d probably buy it as well.

It is a really good product, but they totally fucked-up the packaging very badly.

I really worry about you sometimes


Because I don’t want to clean brushes for an hour each week, when I don’t spend any time on that now?

You could look up what solvent works on the coatings and keep your brushes clean by putting them in said solvent for a few minutes after use. Then reusing them. Fully embraced this throw away society haven’t you? Oil based then use a petroleum based product or acrylic then water works.