New Motor - Different Wire Colors - Please help

So I got a new replacement motor for Buffalo F1 board, but the wiring has different colors.

Old Motor wires

NEW Motor wires

Does anyone know how these colors correspond to each other?

Thank you in advance.

Old motor wires


New replacement motor wires


The colour doesn’t matter. Connect randomly. If it doesn’t spin in correct direction, swap 2 wires on each motor

Hey Rob! The only thing you can do is test it, you will have to plug them in and spin them, if they spin the right way you can leave it, if they spin backwards you only need to swap 2 wires

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just what @Grozniy said, ofcourse he was faster haha

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Awesome. Thank you for the replies. I will give it a try. Just didn’t want to short out anything so I figured I’d ask.

Thanks again!

just for future reference my friend you can’t short phase wires but putting them in wrong. you can only short them if they touch when they’re plugged in.

UPDATE : I hooked up the replacement motor ( the one with these wires ) in multiple combinations, for trial and error.

I get nothing, no forward spin, even if I give it a hand spin, the motor does not kick in. However, it does brake when I push the controller lever in the down position, so I know there is power getting to it.

The old motor has a sensor, the new motor is sensorless. Could this be the problem?

Disconnect the motor from your esc while powered down and put two of the phase wires together, if the motor gives you resistance your issue is likely esc settings. If it doesn’t it’s probably shorted somewhere internally.

Unfortunately, I’m a total noob at this and do not know what esc this board uses. I do get resistance when I push the controller in the down position.

This is a dual motor setup, and just for trial, I tried one of the functioning motors from the stock setup and it works.

Just wondering why this new motor will not work :frowning: