New motor for riptide?

Anyone know what kind of upgrades I can give this board using its VESC? are there better quality motors I can use to increase speed?

image 1800watt motor

Not really. It does not have a vesc. The esc amp output is hard coded/limited, along with the KV for which the esc is optimized. Then there is the standard battery pack that limits the performance.

You may be able to increase speed by choosing a slightly higher kv motor, but then again the esc might limit the rpm. On top, you will decrease torque.

The downside with any of these boards is that all parts more or less go together with very limited ways of adjusting individual components without having to up the specs of other components in addition to achieve the desired results.

So best I can do is add a battery pack in parallel to extend run time? Or use the enclosure and brackets then build my own VESC, Motor and battery combo?

Depends on why you think the board does not meet your current needs. Does it slow down during hill climbs? If so, it may not even be the motors but severe voltage sag.

What don’t you like about it and what are you hoping to achieve.

The sag on the R1 is real. You get that 20mph for a few blocks if you ride hard. Then it slows down. I’d be Happy with longer battery life on my R1.

I’ll build a new short board after my current build.

longer run time and stronger hill climb. I don’t think id be able to go any faster with the safety features built in.

Check my thread on reddit. Get a Sanyo 10s2p from meepo or similar. Unsold the jumper on the ESC so it would allow the motors to run fine on 10s. If still not satisfied get 2 5055 mytech and replace the originals. I wouldn’t suggest yet to get VESC. Those motors use way too much amps. You’ll fry it.

You got links @DAddYE?

Add a vesc and immediately see the power and efficiency difference. Then add a better battery with Samsung 30q or 25r cells.Night and day compared to those cheap cells on the lower end model.

Negative, you can limit power and the vesc will be fine. Ive used those motors on Iwonder builds before we release the pulseboards echo with hubs and with vesc it’s not going to fry the vesc unless you configure it incorrectly .

Here you go:

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@DAddYE it Sounds like going from 6s3 to 10s2 made a big difference. I might just do that. Probably not until my other board is done tho. Unless a battery comes up at a deal. Altho this 10s2 is cheap…

It needs to be one of the new battery packs that use the high current cells from meepo, those packs will be just as bad with voltage sag.

A 30q 10s2p would be the best option although more costly

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I figured as much. I’d honestly rather start Gathering parts for a second build after my hummie deck then put money into the riptide

Yeah thats a good idea

$255 would be enough to get me into my first spot welder and supplies to start practicing making my own damn batteries

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If a Used one pops up for cheap though I’m jumping on that ish.

This is a pretty cool read! So what do you think so far? You changed to a 10s battery and unsoldered the 2 joints to make it 10s capable, or have you changed the vesc all together? the breaking sucks on this board as well, have you done anything to resolve this?

The used esc is a a cheap solution that is offered by multiple resellers, including diyeboard.

It offers no customization other than soldering or desoldering bridges for different voltage ranges. The braking strength is hard coded as are all other firmware related features, thus other than changing modes there is little you can do.

Again, there is a dependency if you exchange components. If you indeed start using vesc related hardware, you can adjust the braking strength, but you will limited by how much amps you can push towards your Li-Ion pack during regen braking, which will be better and you can tune it to your liking, but the max brake strength will be limited by max amp.

Besides upgrading to a vesc and using a higher amp discharge/charge li-ion pack to allow for improved regen braking, bigger motors will also impact braking strength. It’s all related.

Compared to riptide motors would you say these are an upgrade?

Anyone use these before?