New noob longboard build

So now that blackfriday is over, I am guessing you are done with all the purchasing. So parts did you settle down on, @agniusm ?

Far from that. Did not used any offerings. Kids in a hospital, i am doing overtime with NESE, preparing for december sale and spent most of savings on supplies.

Hope your kids are OK

Thanks. Yes, they are, getting some antibiotics and hopefully up on their feet in a week

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It’s good to hear that they are getting better. Wishing them speedy recovery.

BTW, on your present setup, how long does it take to print 2S4P(base + lid)? Also your mm/sec with petg?

Thanks. I dont know how long it takes. I print bulk and on couple printers, also bases then lids. Speed os 40mm/s. My bigger printer (400×400) takes about 48 hours to complete bases and lids and it fits 12.

Sorry, 48 hours to print bases, then another 24h for the lids.

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