New noob longboard build

So i’ve bought the board. It was discounted so picked up for 14eur. Dont know if its a good price. Just looking for advice. I will be using NESE 10s4p with diebiems and that is so far all I know. I would like to get advise on mounts and motors with controllers. I would like to use dual motors. I would like to be on a budget with mid range components. Any advice appreciated. 20181109_165238_Film4 20181109_165326_Film4


Dual or single? Location?

What trucks are on the board and are you doing hub, belt, direct drive.

@Grozniy :point_up_2: @briman05 I have stated, motors and brackets so its a belt drive I am after. I really dont know what trucks, what should I look for to get that info? Cells I have are samsung 20R’s so 8ah. Not looking for great distance and I have an option to upgrade if need be. Ineould like to go with VESC stuff but I am just lost as there are many who makes them

E-calibers from @e.board_solutions, also mounts, pulleys, remote, Focbox, wheels You can get esk8 ESC from Hobbyking cheaper than Focbox but not better. Cheap but fairly good motors: racerstar 5065 140kv You’ll need just enclosure

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:+1:. Is there a website for e.board solutions? What speeds should I expect with those motors @ 10S?

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where are you from?

grtz Frederic

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Close enough, Lithuania


The faster you go, the more expensive and reliable the board should be. also invest in good protection equipment. It’s far less than a medical bill

One foreseeable problem with that deck is clearance for the enclosure. It has a big drop down profile. You’re gonna need fat risers for sure.

Good luck with the build though. Flat pack battery and big wheels FTW :+1:

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Battery lowers it by 22mm and i was hoping, as you mentioned, to offset it with truck spacers + larger wheels. Should be OK if only 5mm lower. And i love that profile, it has that stealthy sporty look :slight_smile:

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The primary question is what is your budget(not including the battery subsystem)?

Don’t have a budget. dont need trucks and mounts for 500 quid, don’t want something for 50. Recommended motors (racerstar 5065) seems reasonable. Probably wont get Focbox, but something reliable and less expensive will suit. I will lurk on for sale stuff and just gather bits as i go. Oh, any reasonably priced good remote? Or even internals as i can print mine? Its a build to showcase my battery system more than i will be pro at riding it. You never know but it would be good to have to take for short runabouts.

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Those wheels would give me 12.5mm clearance so if i add 10mm shim it would .5mm higher. :ok_hand:

My board is: Between axles - 890mm Overal length - 1015mm Overal with - 225mm Inside of the wheels clearance - 154mm

I have some of your NESE modules and they are great!

Personally I would wait until black friday. You will probably be able to pick up some awesome deals on some safer high end gear. There are a heap of posts already about what to expect. Personally I’d say don’t cheap out on the vesc; Get a good one and it will last - Ollin or focbox.

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@dickyho has good inexpensive mounts on eBay for caliber trucks. I am not sure about the shipping cost to Lithuania.

Motors get any, 6355 motors. Better heat dissipation and higher torque. Maybe from flipsky. I got a pair of 6374 and they seem to be working great. They also have the magnet retaining ring which are supposedly very important.

People have pretty positive response for flipsky 6.6, just that the voltage estimation is off by 1volt, so you could go for that. But if you are using 6355, I would just use their 4.12 vesc. About $80

What about their dual controller? I will have 2 motors. Also, 2 last digits on the motor is length? I have 154mm width to fit motors, mounts and pulleys.

The 6.6 single and dual have both been deemed good by the members of this forum, but their fsesc4.20 is apparently has a bunch of issues.

Either buy fsesc6.6 or vesc 4.12 from them.

If you get regular caliber, you will need 9mm belts and 10mm pulleys to fit 2x6355. If you go e-caliber, you could have 15mm belts. I wouldn’t recommend flipsky for motors due to many members having bad experience. The best motors are maytech, torqueboards, sk3, racerstar, sk8 (my opinion). If choosing 4.12 vesc on budget, I trust more Hobbyking>maytech>flipsky.