New on the block: Maytech VESCs

Just a heads up to everyone. Maytech is just about to start selling VESCs.

Quote from an email:

The new style VESC for E-skateboard are released this week In the attachment, please refer to the pictures.

Here’s the attachment:

I wonder what their pricing is like. I’ve just asked for a quote for 4.


hmm… it will be interesting to see how these perform

Awesome! Keep us updated on pricing.

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being someone that makes escs and motors they could be a little tougher but they could also be shite.

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Lol got the same email lol

Here is the listing on alibaba: The price is pretty much in line with with other vesc sellers ranging from $30-$100. Not sure about cost of shipping, but I have already messaged them about that. The shortage for vesc is no more if these ones prove to be decent.

Wow that’s great! I wonder how they’ll handle hardware version control and support? Are they doing any value-adds like heatsinks, enclosures, etc?

Anyone noticed the missing shunts :P?


And they put the wrong usb connector on the PCB? Yet another crap HW producer xD.

one to many, Danny :))

Let’s not forget the VESC is an open source design for which Benjamin Vedder should be credited. Profusely. I am against buying VESC’s from a Chinese outsider to the esk8 DIY scene because they surely won’t be donating anything to the further development of the VESC. Just leeching.


Welcome to the adult world, this happens when you opensource. Now finish your salad :stuck_out_tongue: .


@trbt555 I agree that Vedder should be profusely credited, and I of course want to support our DIY community, but this is how open source is meant to work in my view. I don’t think that Vedder meant for VESC to be used exclusively by the DIY community. Every new VESC manufacturer opens the door for further innovation. We don’t donate to Linus Torvald for every flavor of Linux that’s released, right?


Well i hope thats not the finished article :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They definitely know about the wrong USB fitted.

Sure, you are right. But my money will go to those making a contribution rather than those just leeching. I’m pretty sure the Chinese won’t be contributing. There’s already too much Chinese shite on the market.

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To their credit, at least they call it the VESC. Which is somewhat a credit in of itself. At least they didn’t call it “Maytec ESC”

Disclaimer: I am not chinese. But this to me sounds like a racist/generalized attack on them. True, many chinese manufacturers are shit and cut corners wherever they could but this does NOT mean ALL of them will. You saying that all of them will is like saying all Asians are good at math or all white people are arrogant and ignorant, which as you know are both terribly wrong. Anyways, my point being that you can’t just judge a company/manufacturer based on its race, origin or stereotypes, you have to take many factors into account. Maytech, from what I know has been pretty solid with their products and contributions…so for now, lets just see how things go before we all make a fool out of ourselves


Very good points. I kind of have to agree with this. Though not E-Board related, I bought what would be a clone of the New 3DS XL, which runs Android, to play emulators. Looks and feels great. Took everything into account when making it. It really surprised me. It’s called the GPD XD.

There is nothing racist in these comments. It’s just stating the “obvious”. Look at ENERTION - and their history with chinese vescs. It was just crap, like a lot of stuff from China. Never ever would I buy advanced electronics like Vescs from chinese manufacturer.