New on the block: Maytech VESCs

Oh wow, these VESCs don’t support FOC? Why would I ever buy a VESC that doesn’t support FOC? Why would such a product even exist? That’s a pretty big limitation.

I’ll go try to get them working in BLDC mode out of curiousity, but I suppose even if these do end up working, they’re not much use to me. Go stealth or go home :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help in figuring this out, everyone.

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I just ran some tests, and fortunately, both VESCs work fine with regen braking and everything in BLDC mode. @psychotiller, how did you set up your Maytech’s to work in FOC mode? I’m thinking of tempting fate further :slight_smile:

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Yeah, mine seem to be fine running foc…Not sure why I’m the only one allowed to run FOC.

I do bldc motor detection, apply the sensor settings.

Then I move to the foc tab and run the first 2 tests. hit calculate, apply on both of those, then run the sensor test and apply.

I then go to apps and disable the controller, set my ppm min and max.

From there I make sure my low voltage cutoff settings are good. Choose FOC on the motor tab, configure and go ride.

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The only other thing I can point out is I only run 8s or 10s.

Hmm… FOC mode worked just fine for everything but braking. Its seems like the only difference between our steps was the fact that you set it up in BLDC mode first. What’s did you use for voltage cutoff on 10s? Something like 32/30?

Yes sir! …My brakes work to my liking. @mccloed says my brakes are too week for him though. As I’ve told him, riding is bad ass! Brakes are for stopping.

Alright, I’ll give it another go and let you know!

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Yeah, I tried lots of different options. The Maytech VESCs simply do not do FOC.

The maytech on @shwill’s board is running foc just fine. So are the two I have employed.

That’s good to hear. Maybe it’s the motor. I’ve got a single big 6374 on there, and I’m wondering if the Maytech’s can’t handle it. I’ll try different motors and see if it helps.

The key thing is that the same settings work just great on DIY’s VESCs…

@lilracerboi GPD is on indiegogo now selling a mini gaming laptop and a mini laptop. they look pretty cool but are pretty awkwardly small.

Could be…my Tacon 245kv’s wouldn’t do motor detection, but my 290kv g160 would. Consistency in batches is what I’m looking for. Maybe that’s all it is.

So is this A renamed one of maytech or filer or is it built by them?

It’s tricky to say without seeing a photo of the otherwise where the Maytech logo usually is. It seems very similar though.

Yes, it is.

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about maytech I purchased it and got it a week later through TNT the vesc was easy to set up and had bullet connectors already soldered I downloaded the bloc tool and the CEO Eileen contacted me via WhatsApp to check weather everything was ok
She answered every question I had and came up with solutions to my problems For 100€ it’s top quality My setup is 8s 290kv single drive and before going down I hit 52kmh or about 31mph

Just try updating your fimrware and you’ll see why they are cheaper than the others…

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@Maxid What kind of problems do people typically run into when trying to update the firmware?

Maytech does not upload a bootloader which means you can’t update if you don’t upload one yourself.

Think they won’t do foc or not intended to.