NEW PARTS FOR SALE: Motors, trucks, battery, remote

Yeah I still have the one I built for myself which I’m thinking of parting that out too and just making me another one next springimage

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One day I’ll get one Evo like yourself. Anyways, so I let you know I just got a new Evolve ONE deck, set of Evolve 83mm and wheel pulleys and belts. Was thinking on getting other parts like the Supercarve trucks and the enclosure. If you know something about this items, let me know. Cheers bro.

Ok if I decide to part my board out I’ll message you first

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@Danny414 Unik motor mounts still available? (Only need 1)

Yeah, Where you at bro?

I am in Canada, in a lost city for you guys, Saint-Eustache :sweat_smile:

I’m super busy right now but if you want my zip code is 53215 and you can see what it costs for shipping to Canada.

Thank You bro! 45US for one mount right? I’ll check the shipping soon ~

@Danny414 For shipping small package 5cm x 5cm x 5cm weight: 1kg 12US, it will maybe be less, let me know!

Yeah $45. Ok send me your address and I’ll check a little later, thanks!

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are the evolve trucks still availble?? just tell me the price

Yup, trucks are sold, thanks

so bad/… i was looking for month now , went on holiday, you sold it when i was gone lol xD now wait for the next offer xD