New Poll: So how many forum members purchased the Raptor2?

Wow 120 raptors sold in 45mins congrats @onloop

Ok another poll this time to see how many Esk8 forum members have purchased Raptor 2[poll type=multiple min=1 max=4]

  • Yes purchased Raptor 2
  • Wanted to purchase Raptor 2 but only at a lower tier price
  • May consider purchase Raptor 2 at later date
  • No did not want to purchase Raptor 2 [/poll]

As before poll is anonymous :slight_smile:

Am sure wether members purchased / did not purchase raptor 2 , we will all enjoy watching the next 6 month journey seeing the board come to release.

Eh I missed the best deal level (despite being Johnny-on-the-spot, creating an account in advance, having my cc number copied ready paste etc)… Someone on a thread in the Reddit sub (iirc) made a comment about having a script all ready to go, not sure if was joking…

I could have gotten the second level but was deterred by learning that there is apparently a 20% cancellation fee on orders (even if product hadn’t been shipped, if “manhours” have been expended) - or at least that seemed to be what the policy states, I didn’t have a ton of time to read through it. Also, at first there was some kind of ~ $80 tax that was being applied which disappeared later, that made me hesitate long enough to slide into the $1200 range.

Anyway nbd, cheers to everyone who got their order in. Seems like it will be a rad setup. Dig the Earthwing-style deck shape, I rode a superglider for years and an NLS 37 is my current daily driver. Also congrats to the company - it’s pretty interesting to see how you sidestepped the crowdsourcing portals by directly marketing to the community.

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Was into the $1200 when I got to it. So I’m holding of for now.

Enertion, your future is relying on this product. With that many boards sold…if this raptor delivers, enertion will become a solid contender to go up against the big boys like boosted. If there are issues, it can bring the whole company down. Most people who bought these boards are first time E-boarders who are not DIYers. They won’t be fixing things themselves, they’ll be contacting enertion even for minor issues and expecting fast resolution. I hope for Enertion’s sake they have a solid product, high QA standards, and an excellent post purchase support system set up.


His script must have failed him because I had the first order without script. Had to even type out the 100 $ promo code :sweat_smile:

I’ve not read the small print but perhaps @onloop could elaborate on this regards raptor2 purchases. Saw his video this morning… answer to first question suggests refund back to credit card no problems…no mention of cancellation fee.

This was specifically in relation to people who wanted to cancel Raptor 1 orders after we had built it & packed them to ship. This doesn’t apply to Raptor 2 as we are not building them to order we are mass producing them.

However, If you want a refund you should definitely request it within 300 days, and definitely do it before a product has been shipped! Otherwise, there may be costs involved to recover the unwanted & already shipped items.

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Well said. I guess Enertion will need to also focus on the rider safety element especially for those first time users…particularly when offering the ‘most powerful’ skateboard of it’s type. Expect to see an Enertion Skate Helmet on the website soon :slight_smile:

Well done. I started off well but got very quickly bumped down to level 2 (all fingers and thumbs :confounded: ) Sorry too see a few members on here not purchasing after running into errors on the website.

Yep. Errors suck. Let’s wait and see how “the most powerful direct drive in the world” performs!

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Oh, I got a different when chatting with your support staff


Just to clarify there were no actual errors/faults on the website.

What happened was each level sold out super quick and therefore people couldn’t check out at that price as the stock was sold out, then we manually changed the price & update the stock which allows checkout (that takes about 10 seconds)

the website was programmed to limit the stock at each level & it worked exactly how it should have worked.

Once again sorry for those who missed out.

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Must admit apart from my bungling keybiard antics my order/payment transactionn on the website went smoothly.

I think they both said the same thing, essentially you can get a refund before your item has been shipped or they started packing it etc.

yes for 98% of people they processed the order without faults. just a few folks that possibly hit refresh at the wrong moment or didn’t get their details entered in quickly enough, or just had bad timing and missed out on processing the order at the desired level.

Yeah site was super smooth. I expected slowdowns because of the awesome deal. I noticed @onloop even did ads on YouTube for the deal.

In the end I did the order process in 23 seconds flat (According to when the confirmation email was sent). I came prepared :smiley:

Hey I was wondering if you were going to add the counter showing the number of Raptors sold? Just curious

I would have bought one if I had not just built my own. Best of luck with the new design! Looks great

Update poll so far for those that voted shows 13 boards have gone to forum members :+1:

Sure, if it’s a given that these setups are being “mass produced” rather than “built to order” then the policy does indeed read much the same as Onloop’s statement. Unfortunately I had incorrectly inferred that these were being built or certainly were “waiting for additional parts to arrive”, hence my mistaken assumption that a 20% fee would be assessed upon cancellation.

To be fair though, the customer support rep could have clarified, I did specify that it was the Raptor 2 I was interested in ordering - the ‘mass production’ designation could have been mentioned… nbd, just saying.