New Remote for sale

Hi everyone I have around 12 remonte from enertion BRAND NEW

They take the dust in my garage So going to sell them 33$ plus shipping

Thank you


Does the remote come with reciever? Also what extras does the remote do as in modes, deck battery power ect…


Interested in your Stock, Please PM me able to purchase ASAP

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They brand new Come in package So you have everything

Do you have anymore left?

got any left ? edit how much is it going to cost from nyc

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Yes I do Sorry don’t look to much here

Hi yes I have some left how many you want

i want one remote

Ok for what I remember shipping to nyc 1 or 2 remote is 4$ So 37$ for one You can PayPal me at [email protected] Thank you

i sent you $38 when will i be getting it can i get a tracking or something

received it?

Yes I will send you tracking tomorrow thank you Thank you

thx appreciate it… take your time looking forward to the remote… just give me an update 2-3 days if you are experiencing delays…

Hi I’m really sorry and apologize for this But I’m not home so is a friend of my going to ship the remote Sorry This is the link for tracking it Thank you

no need to be sorry in fact thx for sending even if you had to go out of your way i appreciate it… also tracking link is broken you have the tracking number?

Hi Tracking no: 9200190221582722106982

thx preciat it

tracking doesnt work pretty sad , gimme est delivery date? Also who are you using to ship usps fedex? i am using the link u sent me rn and it returns no results

you still have remotes i need a remote for my trampa vest 6 pronto [email protected] or 4148819687 and need a 4:1 drive for it also