New remote-less board to be launched on Kickstarter. Looks kinda like a toy though

Looks so small and uncomfortable.

“SPECTRA’s battery module has the same batteries powering Tesla” very interesting but definitely looks like something a little kid would get for their birthday or something.

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Hubs are powerful I was one of the alpha testers

Looks slow, and 12.4 miles seems crazy for such a small battery. 12 of those cells at 2.5 Ah is only 126 Wh. I am interested in the remoteness technology idea though. Curious to see how they work…

Same as the marble you can also control this from ur phone

Yeah, that’s what I’m interested in too. I don’t think anyone’s ever put a gyroscope in a board before. Not sure if it’s a super good idea. Slow for a board that size is a good idea. I’ve been riding an arcboard for nearly 4 months now, and it’s very powerful for it’s size. I took a fall on my very first ride because I wasn’t expecting that kind of power out of such a small board and motor, and shifted the throttle to max near a small steep slope. There’s just not much space to correct my footing if things go wrong.

How was the remote-less function? It sounds like a really cool idea on paper. But I can’t help but feel like it will take some getting used to especially when I’m shifting my weight while turning. I tend to have very tight bushings and use alot of my body weight for turning. I feel safer on an eboard that way.

More of a novelty definetly not something ud do at more than 15 mph

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