New rule - group buy & for sale topics - level 2 user only

In an attempt to keep this forum free from spam and blatant attempts to extract money from our valued forum members & also as a reward to our dedicated users who contribute to the community, I have now introduced a new rule.

New Topics that ask members to engage in a transaction, exchanging of money for goods or services, group buys & used items for sale must be created in the category "E-Board Market"

Topics in the “E-Board Market” category can now only be created by members with user level 2

Topics created outside of the eboard market category that involve sale or exchange of goods discussions will be deleted.

This is how you achieve user level 2

visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially casting at least 1 like receiving at least 1 like replying to at least 3 different topics entering at least 20 topics reading at least 100 posts spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts


After not knowing what level I was and after doing some reading: To tell what ‘level’ you are, go to your badges and see if you have the ‘Member’ badge (AKA Level 2) If you currently have the "Basic’ badge you are currently level 1


And if you have a ‘Regular’ badge, you’re a level 3, and if you have a ‘Leader’ badge, you’re a level 4.

so basically just less spam initiative?

That and i would also say to prevent this from turning into a scam site. without it anyone could come here and put anything for sale and just keep the money without sending the product


It’s nice to get inside pricing on things, but if nothing was done…things would get out of hand later on…@onloop is right to nip it in the bud right now.

I was starting think that people posting “Group Buy” was gonna be popping up in all the threads…and that would be annoying…and takeaway from this site…it’s about info and sharing knowledge and helping your fellow e-boarder…

Totally agree they if a group buy does happen, that the thread stay in one place. So, far this site has been a great place to get info…without having to sift through a thousand non-relates threads to get the answer you need or at the very least point you in the right direction.

Also, noticing more “heated” discussions over products…a little bashing here and a little defending there…It’s cool to have a comment or two…but dang…there are small novels being written…but to be expected…We are all passionate people when it come to e-boards and I hope this quells the slight angst I’ve been noticing.

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we should haze them instead.

All new users should get sent to my house for a cold water hosing, then a trial by lipo fire, then a public pantsing, then 17 consecutive hours of Full House reruns followed by a waterboarding using old cheerios milk then 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh personally insulting their free agency as a human being over a background of Bjork’s more experimental works played backwards, and if they can survive that without tearing their own skin off and eating it we let them post whatever they want on here.


Well, if you pay for getting there … I think it would be fun^^

Wow, I lost it for a bit there. Thats a great idea!

Instead of creating a time based/input based system that limits new sales, why not have a standardized way to vet the person/product. Maybe expect certain photos/plans if you’re planning to sell anything. Even after 15 days etc of use on the site you could easily still scam people after earning “level 2”

Hello, New member here. I want to post a WTB message in the market as I’m looking for two 50mm motors. I realize that I need to “level up” to post there. As I’m not looking to make a financial gain, but actually looking to buy stuff from the members here, it will be a while before I can actually post a WTB ad and can get going on my project.

Just wondering if that has been taken into consideration in your rules? Essentially, these rules could discourage new members from getting parts they need to join the community.

Just something to think about!

Thats not a bad thought actually…

To let new people post in the WTB category, as long as it isn’t abused…

@psychotiller has some he sells on his site…not sure if in stock think his is 270kv

Also @chaka has some new 50mm on sale now 170kv and 200kv due out in June (I bought one…may buy another)

Reach out to them … Check the threads

Also check hobby King for the ntm 50/60 270kv

Thanks for the tips. Yeah, my first choice was the Hobby King NTM motors…but given that basically every useful motor is out of stock on hobby king, that’s why I’m posting here. When I was buying a motor last year seems like there was lots of options. This year, seems like every site is out of stock. Really liked my Tacon Big Foot 160, but seems like they no longer make it.

did you actually try to post? the rules should allow anyone to post in the “want to buy section”

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I did try posting. Was the first thing I did actually. I did try just now and it did work. Perhaps it was because I had zero posts initially and I’ve now since earned a few “points”

Sorry to revive an old topic but am I right to assume that the ‘‘entering at least 20 topics’’ rule is basically ‘‘Topics viewed’’ ?

Also does the ‘‘Replying to at least 3 different topics’’ rule include Topics created by myself?

I would really like to sell a few esk8 parts on here asap but am not quite up to level 2! :frowning:

Thanks in advance to anybody who can confirm this! ;D


I don’t know the answer to your questions, but there are also other places


Ahh cool, Thanks for the links! I will definitely be exploring those posts for parts in the near future for my build(s)! :sunglasses:

I would still prefer to Sale my items on here just to try and give back to the community a little as I have read/learnt a lot on here already… (Despite being logged in as a guest most of the time! oops!)

Hopefully I will reach Level 2 soooon! :slight_smile: