"New" School Cruiser | MEB 12S | VESC | Hub Motor

#Hey eSk8!

Been a while since I’ve posted a new build and thought I would share this one. I’m calling it the New School Cruiser since it’s based off an Old School Cruiser Deck, but with a bunch of electronics to bring it to the new age! This board is super small. It is amazing for moving around campus and taking it into class as it can fit just about anywhere. The single hub motor is powerful enough to get me moving quickly and the low KV keeps me from blasting off on 12S. Enough talk here are some pictures!

#Before the enclosure just the board and the hubmotor.

#Enclosure by @psychotiller

BTW, super easy to grind holes in the enclosure to have all the buttons and cables come out very clean. Also this is not available on his site, must email him this specific size. Thanks to @Adam0311 for size recommendation!

#All electronics stuffed into the case!

##Complete board!

Just so everyone knows how small this board truly is here it is compared to a first Gen Space Cell!

#Build List! Deck Trucks Wheels Motor Battery ESC Remote Enclosure

Thanks for checking out the Build! Good luck on all your builds!


Oooo! Another VESC distributor.


damn sick build dude. What size board is that? I had a similar idea for a more compact board.

How has the hub been doing I remember reading of an issue with one of urs

The hub motor has been great. been using the one from the build as a single drive for a long time although it does get pretty hot after a while. I recently switched it over to my Icarus build and paired it with a second hub motor and it’s much better!