New Shop in EU!

Hi guys!

I just launched a new e-sk8 shop located in Denmark. I will be selling to anywhere inside of Europe. Orders to the rest of the world can also be discussed.

Im currently very limited in my variety of products but more will follow!

The webshop is fully up and running and I’m ready to take your money! :smiley:

If you are interested, please take a look at my webshop:

Please share your thoughts and ideas!


Thanks for your post Oscar. I will refer this to a friend of mine who lives in Denmark.

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Thanks! You can also let him know that we have a facebook group for E-Sk8 in Denmark :slight_smile:

A new store in Europe is always welcome. I added you to my bookmark. Btw I noticed you do not have lasers nor homming missile launchers for sale. In case of a zombie invasion I wanna get rid of them while riding my sk8. Please take it in consideration. Thank you

Sorry, lasers is not my style… I guess I am old fashioned that way. BUT to help you out, I could make you a custom made remote which will be able to shoot rainbows? :sunglasses:

Just out of curiosity, where are you from?

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Yeah rainbows is ok :grin: I like the people with Sense of humour. I am from spain therefore I qualify to be your customer.

Is the bms only 10S or What?

Yes, I only have BMS units for 10s

Nice! I like Spain. In fact, my parents is actually in Granada at the moment :slight_smile:

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One thing of constructive criticism I might give is that you need to have more information/description on your listings…

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Thanks for the feedback. I am working on refining the site. I should probably focuse on some more detailed desciptions :slight_smile:

Granada. Alhambra, sierra nevada, tapas. Nice place, I have been there many times. They have the best ski/snowboard spot of europe (because of the weather…is not the best overall). Pay a visit this winter… you will not believe a place so sunny.


I hope I will be too busy this winter. If not, I now know where to go! :smiley:

Always nice to see new shops for us Europeans :slight_smile: But here is my advice, try to stock the items that are missing on the market. These forums are good indication of the market demands. BMS are highly needed, good motors are always great, also different pulleys are in high demand usually. Don’t get me wrong but selling charging plug for 4€ that goes 10pcs for a buck from China or 1€ for a piece locally is not really what market needs (I took that just as example, you have excellent BMS in there :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Your arguments are well noted. The idea behind the charging plug is that it is easy to get your hands on, and you can order it along side your other parts. I know that the price is not as cheap as from China, but when offering free shipping, I have to raise the prices of the smaller/cheaper items. I do see it from your perspective as well, and will take it into account going forward.

I will also take your advice on adding some different products that usually is dificult to get your hands on. I am already working on getting some more interesting products which I hope you will like.

I agree with you that BMS, pulleys and motors could be nice products. Do you have any other ideas on products that is needed in Europe.

You can offer free shipping from a amount of money. At example 10 euro

You’re right. That is something I have to make some calculations on, for sure.

Than can you offer charging plug 0.5 or 1 euro. At example: I want to order a BMS and want it fast then i go order also a charge plug from you because its faster then from china

I see your point. I will think about it :slight_smile:

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Are you making the batteries yourself? If you are you might want to consider a 10s4p pack?