New Skateboard Build Help (FIRST PROJECT)

Hi all,

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing some research about electric skateboards and what configuration and parts id like to use for my build. My budget for this build was 300-375 (I already own a long board), and I had come up with the following configuration.



Batteries X2:

As far as I could tell I thought these parts were compatible with each other, but after talking to a product specialist on hobbyking I was told in order to power the 213kv motor id have to use 10S batteries and a 120A ESC (Total cost about 500).

So basically everything I thought I knew was completely wrong, but I feel like I’ve seen a 213kv single motor configuration for a lot less.

I was hoping I could get some help with possible parts I could use and maybe some of you have 213kv setups yourself. I am open to any help or suggestions. If I am able to figure out a configuration ill be able to afford ill make sure to make a build topic and record my progress so that i could help out future builders.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your suggestions!!!

Read this list:

If you are researching parts that you don’t see here it is more than likely for a good reason.

-And if for some reason you can’t bring yourself to trust me about this list then at least hear me when I say:

Don’t buy a helicopter or airplane ESC. ESC’s are not all the same, they aren’t built the same, and they certainly aren’t programmed the same. Helicopter/Plane esc’s have functions that could very well hurt you on a board.

Thank you for the link.

Looking at the link I see that there are some options that would fit my budget, but I am not sure how to figure out if the three major components are compatible with each other.

For Example: this motor -

This esc -

But which battery, so far from what I can tell the motors max is 65A so I chose a 80A esc (one from the list in the link you sent). My confusion is that the Motor has a spec that says “Voltage: 10s Lipoly” where as the ESC has a spec that says “Input: 4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-3S LiPo”.

So do I get a 2-3s battery or a 10s battery. This is what has been confusing me, am I looking at the wrong numbers? what specs should I be looking at ?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you ! :slight_smile:

If a motor says 10s lip, that is its max. Not it’s minimum. For s first build I would recommend 6s. It’s way easier to charge and set up.

You can only use a 2-3S lipo with that ESC. Go for a 6s esc at least.

ohhh okay so the rule is to go with the esc’s lipo rating without exceeding the motors lipo rating correct?

Also if I use a 6s setup on a 10s max motor, does that mean I will be under powering the motor. Ideally i’d like to use the motor to the full potential.

Thanks again @psychotiller and @lox897. You two are already a lot more help than the hobbyking specialist lol.

No. Not neccesarily. You will pull more amps. There are plenty of 6s builds out there that are seriously fun!

Awesome!! I’m gonna wait maybe a day or two before ordering parts, and maybe gather some other opinions and suggestions in this thread.

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So I think i’m gonna go with the following parts:



Batteries X2:

I believe these three parts are compatible with each other.

Quick question, I’ve chosen the 5000mah 3s 25c Battery packs but is there any benefit or draw backs from using the same battery packs but with instead the 20C,30C, or 40C versions?