New to the Group and Not sure where to start

Hi all, I’m really keen on building an Electric board. I have watched countless videos and been reading through the forum posts but i can’t find the place to start.

I am struggling to decide between a road board and going the full mountain board route. Mountain board has the most appeal to me but I’m now wondering how i should start? Buy the deck or start getting components etc? Which deck should i buy and how to minimise my spend. Ive never ridden a mountain board before of any type but i used to love riding my skateboard when i was a kid (long time ago) and these look fun. here are the questions i have.

  1. Will an older mountain board be a good place to start? or should i buy new? whats the difference?
  2. What is the cheapest way to mount the motor to the truck? I have seen solutions ranging upto £400 and thats way more than i can afford for something i will probably break in a month.
  3. I will need a custom battery pack, from what i have seen the best are the 18650 type. does anyone sell these pre built? i don’t want to have to build it myself.

I looked at the Trampa options but they seemed like a lot of money for an unfinished board. They still need Batteries and radio etc. I know once I’m started i will be ok but I’m really struggling to pick a good used board on eBay because I’m basically buying blind.

Has anyone else felt like this? I just want a ready to go solution lol its the budget constraint thats holding me back.

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Welcome on board!

I think you red all the pinned Starter-threads? Good!

At first about budget and the two routes to decide from:

  • A streetboard should be about 500$ if you wanna go cheap on parts, sometimes even less for a single drive. You´ll find some build logs here!

  • A mountainboard is another story. 1000$ will be really cheap and you should already have some parts, like a good deck. You´ll find real offroad monsters here for more than 4000$.

To your questions:

  1. Maybe, depending on what “old mountainboard” means.
  2. Cheapest way is mostly building your own, if you have the tools. Cheapest solution I know comes from @Idea
  3. If you are in the US, @barajabali is the man for your custom battery.

Trampa boards are the best option when it comes to mountainboards for eskates! Quality has it´s price!

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